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Catalan Studies

Catalan is a Romance language spoken in Northern Spain, Southern France, Andorra, the Balearic Islands, and in the city of Alguer (Alghero) on Sardinia. Catalonia is home to a fiercely proud people and boasts a rich artistic history which includes the work of Dalí, Gaudí and Miró. The capital of Catalonia,  Barcelona, is one of the world's major cultural and economic centres.

The prominence of Catalonia both in a Spanish and a European context makes Catalan Studies an important discipline. The region's cultural, intellectual and political heritage offer significant avenues for rewarding and worthwhile study.

Catalan Studies at Sheffield


Catalan language and literature have been taught in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Sheffield since the 1950s. We are one of the leading centres of Catalan Studies in the UK and we are recognised at international level.

The subject is fully integrated into the Department's course structures which cover all the main areas of Hispanic Studies.

Whether you begin at Level 1 or Level 2, you will be given the tools for rapid acquisition of the Catalan language. You will come into regular contact with our Institut Ramon Llull Catalan language teacher, developing your speaking, writing and listening skills. Wherever possible, we pair up Sheffield students with Catalan-speaking exchange students for additional conversation practice.

Study of key cultural and political texts will situate 'the Catalan Question' in a Hispanic and European context. As your understanding of the region develops you will explore how the Catalan people have affirmed their political and cultural identity against a background of turmoil and change.

Specialising in Catalan

Catalan can be studied at all undergraduate levels and may be taken at Beginners' level in either the first or the second year of the course. Classes incorporate culture as well as spoken and written language. A Dissertation in Catalan is available in the final year of study.

Additionally we offer an MA in Catalan Studies, as well as the higher PhD degree.

Catalan as part of another degree

Catalan can be studied as part of a Sheffield degree in Hispanic Studies, Modern Languages, Combined Honours - Triple or as an additional subject for Single Honours students of other Modern Languages (via free credits). We also welcome students from other faculties who wish to study Catalan in preparation for a period of residence abroad, usually in Barcelona.

Aqui hay tomateCatalan links at home and abroad

Our links with universities in Catalonia give you the chance to develop an authentic understanding of Catalan language and culture.

We have links with the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona, the Universitat de València and the Universitat de les Balears, Mallorca.

Catalan-speaking students from these institutions attend courses at Sheffield, and there is the opportunity to study at one of these Universities during your year abroad.


To find out more about Catalan Studies please get in touch with Dr Louise Johnson.

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