Modules – what topics can I study?

South AmericaLevel 1

Post A-Level students take the Spanish Advanced Language and Culture classes. You'll practise speaking with a native Spanish speaker, while translation and comprehension exercises take in a variety of written materials. We'll introduce you to the different social, political, linguistic and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America.

The Beginners’ Course is for those with no – or limited –  knowledge of Spanish. It focuses on language study, allowing you to develop the skills to learn the language quickly. It also takes in literary study and an introduction to 20th-century Spain and Latin America.

You will also have the option to take Portuguese and/or Catalan Language and Culture. Here, you will spend half your teaching hours in language classes, and the other half will be divided between oral practice and an introduction to the history and culture behind these languages.

Sample modules

  • Spanish Advanced: Language and Culture I and II
  • Portuguese Beginners: Language and Culture I and II
  • Catalan Beginners: Language and Culture I and II

Where can I see a complete list of modules on offer?

Level 2

South America 2

Modules at Level 2 and Level 3 will develop your skills across four broad areas of study:

  • language study, which helps you develop a comprehensive knowledge of written and spoken Spanish
  • literary and cultural studies, which embraces literature, art, film and popular culture
  • social and area studies, which introduces you to society as it is today in Spain and Latin America
  • linguistic study, which introduces you to the discipline of Linguistics, the scientific study of language.

Among a range of options, you can study the politics of conformity under Franco’s rule, the construction of national identity in Latin America, linguistic developments in Modern Spain and the cinema of the Hispanic world.

Sample modules

  • Conformity and Consensus in Spain
  • Nation and Identity in the Lusophone World
  • Hispanic Film
  • The Spanish Language: Structure and Use

Level 3

Following your year abroad, core language modules will build on your existing expertise to develop sophisticated and idiomatic language use across a range of topics. We also offer advanced Portuguese or Catalan classes.

Optional modules will allow you to explore your own interests in real depth. You can become a skilled language practitioner via a specific module on Translation Studies, study the Media in Spain and Latin America or explore Gender and Sexuality in the Hispanic World. Students taking the module Adaptations and Transformations will study film adaptations of Spanish literary texts, with the option to create your own short film adaptation (see left).

Sample modules

  • Barcelona: Culture of the City
  • Civilisation and Barbarism in Latin America
  • Adaptations and Transformation
  • Gender and Sexuality in the Hispanic World
  • Cultural Crosscurrents in the Lusophone World
  • Translation Studies