Emma Hartley

Department of History

Research student


Thesis title: Religious Jurisdiction and the English Parliament 1558-1642




Thesis abstract:

In collaboration with the History of Parliament Trust, this thesis will analyse the presence and activities of bishops in Parliament from the Elizabethan Settlement in 1559 to 1642 which saw the ejection of bishops from the House of Lords and the beginning of the English Civil War. It will review to what extent bishops were able to influence or block parliamentary legislation, and how such authority wavered or declined over time.  The period under review witnessed numerous parliamentary debates and conflicts over the nature of religious supremacy and indeed the role of episcopacy, and so it remains for this project to analyse how bishops interacted and maneuvered amid such tension, and how they were perceived by contemporaries.

  • PhD History, University of Sheffield, 2021-present
  • MA Historical Research, University of Sheffield, 2019-2020
  • BA History, University of Sheffield, 2016-2019