Michael Broughton


Department of History

Research student

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Thesis title: The Language of War: Elizabethan Military Discourse and Culture in Print




Thesis abstract:

My research aims to examine the way in which war was written about in the burgeoning print culture of Elizabethan England. Using a wide range of printed sources throughout the period, I will explore the nature of English proto-nationalism, chivalric culture, and religious rhetoric as to uncover a shared lexicon of martial ideals. I am also interested in the way in which England was influenced by the military engagements in the Netherlands, France, and Ireland during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. 

  • PhD History, University of Sheffield, 2020 - present
  • MA History, University College London, 2018-19
  • BA, History, University of Sheffield, 2014-17
  • The Jean Orr Scholarship Prize for History, 2018-19
Publications and Conferences


  • Michael E. Broughton, ‘"The English fury" at Mechelen, 1580’, British Journal for Military History, 7.2 (2021), pp. 166-173. 

Article link: https://bjmh.gold.ac.uk/article/view/1560/1673

  • Michael E. Broughton, 'An Englishman at the Siege of Guînes (1558)', Martial Culture in Medieval Town (April 2022)
  • Michael E. Broughton, ‘Honour and Violence in Elizabethan Military Accounts’, EPOCH, Issue 8 (June 2022)

Conferences and papers:

  • ‘Unconventional Warfare in Elizabethan Print’, The Royal Armoury Summer Lecture Series (August 2021)
  • “Manful Deeds”: Soldierly Expectation in Elizabethan Military Print’, Early Modern Men Conference (February 2022)
  • “The ‘Ignoraunt Babler’ and the ‘Manne of Knowledge”: Experiences of War in Elizabethan Military Print’, Newcastle University’s Postgraduate Forum Conference (May 2022)