Law and Rights

The Law and Rights Hub provides a shared space for academic staff and postgraduate students to discuss their ongoing research and debate the history of law and rights across a variety of historical periods, historiographies, and geographies.

A portion of the Magna Carta, featured on History's Law and Rights hub
Magna Carta, 1215

About our research

Staff and student hub members work on diverse topics of legal and rights histories ranging from medieval times to the most recent past. The hub encourages debate about how we study the history of law and rights, how we approach and use historical legal sources in practice, and how normative ideas and intellectual histories of law and rights interact with political, social, cultural, and gender perspectives on the past.

Although focussed on the use of legal sources from the past, the hub also looks to inspire interdisciplinary discussion and exchanges with legal scholars, social and political scientists, philosophers, and anthropologists, both in Sheffield and further afield.    

Hub activities

  • Peer-feedback on work in progress
  • “Source clinic” sessions discussing the practical challenges of legal sources
  • Interdisciplinary round table discussions

Hub Members