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Why did you choose to take a History MA programme? and why did you choose Sheffield particularly?

I wanted to do a masters programme because I really enjoyed being able to start specialising in the last year of my undergraduate degree and wanted to keep going. The modules looked great, with the right mix of themes I had encountered before that I could build upon and new areas that could be of potential interest. Also, both academic and non-academic staff were very supportive.

The strength of the early modern contingent in the history department here at Sheffield meant it didn't really make sense to go anywhere else. There was also funding available and a scholarship has made studying another year a lot easier!

What is your experience of the programme so far? and what are you particularly enjoying?

I have really enjoyed the programme so far, and each module has had its own particular benefits. I got to develop my understanding of linguistic analyses in Language and Society, and am now incorporating that into my dissertation methodology. Revolutionary England managed to make a traditionally 'political' subject of the Civil War really relevant to my work on women and domesticity. The module on Embodiment has introduced me to interdisciplinarity too!

One of my favourite elements of the course, however, has been the opportunity to learn study Palaeography and Latin. These are useful skills, for sure, but it's mainly nice to be doing something a bit different.

What do you like about the University/living in Sheffield?

Sheffield is friendly, interesting and cheap, it's a wonderful place to live. Accommodation is plentiful and transport is good. The Students Union in particular is a locus for socialising, campaigning, eating and drinking that sits right in the middle of the University. The Showroom Cinema is brilliant too.