The atmosphere and environment of Sheffield really stood out to me - I really enjoy studying here!

History Student Ambassador Alyssa Sze
Alyssa Sze
Final year undergraduate student
BA History
Alyssa shares how getting involved with societies and events is a great way to meet a range of people and settle into Sheffield and University life.
History Student Ambassador Alyssa Sze

Experiencing new culture is interesting, and I have had the opportunity to do so through the different friends I've made here.

Alyssa Sze

BA History

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, the university provides a wide module selection, I was able to choose very specific modules I was interested in. Secondly, the atmosphere and environment of Sheffield really stood out to me - I really enjoy living here!

Has your experience so far been what you expected?

Not really, seminars are a bit more stressful than I have anticipated. You have to be outspoken and assertive when expressing your opinions. However, I like the challenge and learnt a lot from it.

What do you particularly enjoy about your degree programme?

The seminars are really engaging, I enjoy open discussions and hearing my course mates' opinions. Other than providing me a space to deepen my understanding, it also broadens my knowledge on certain historical topics. Discussions with my seminar tutor help me evaluate different perspectives and think critically about complex historical events.

What modules are you studying this year? Are there any modules that you have particularly enjoyed during your degree so far and why?

In this year I really enjoy doing the document module, Appeasement, the Munich Crisis and the British People. This module provides various approaches towards the well-known historical debate regarding the appeasement in 1930s. It is interesting to analyze primary sources on public opinion. Outside of my history modules, I have also studied a Korean Language module to enhance my communication skills.

What do you like about the University/living in Sheffield?

Sheffield is a friendly and welcoming city. I enjoy the vibe that Sheffield emanates as the biggest village and smallest city. Even though it is by no means a huge city, there's still a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and entertainment - I can find everything I need in this delightful city! The Information Commons is my favourite place to study on campus. It has a variety of study areas, from group study spaces to quiet study rooms that can fit my needs. I enjoy the reading resources there that support my studies. Sometimes, for a change of pace, I would buy a coffee and study at the Jessop West Cafe.

Would you recommend studying at Sheffield to a friend?

Definitely. Sheffield is a really lovely place to study and live!

How have you found studying on the History BA programme and in Sheffield more generally as a non-UK student?

The education system in UK is different from what I am accustomed to. I found the transition quite challenging when I first started the History BA programme. However, I found that throughout the course I gradually became more interested in world history, and this inspired me. Experiencing new culture is interesting, and I have had the opportunity to do so through the different friends I've made here. I can learn new things each day because of the mix of culture and diversity here.

What advice would you give international students considering history study at the University of Sheffield?

First of all, never consider yourself as an outsider, you will learn so much more by talking to people, doing so made me more vocal and outgoing. I became much more comfortable and simultaneously improved my speaking skills. Besides that, it is important to step out your comfort zone. By joining different societies and events held by the department and Students Union, you can meet a different range of people and build genuine friendships with people who share the same interest.

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