Thomas Moore (he/him)

School of History, Philosophy and Digital Humanities

PhD Student

GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
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Full contact details

Thomas Moore
School of History, Philosophy and Digital Humanities (nee Department of Philosophy)
45 Victoria Street
S3 7QB

Thomas is currently working on a WRoCAH funded PhD at the University of Sheffield. This is titled: ‘Can Confucianism’s Relational and Rooted Picture of the Self Help Us Understand the Values of Modern National (Right-Wing) Populist Voters in the UK and US?’. Before this he studied for the MA in Philosophy, at the same department in the
University of Sheffield. Here he worked on four essays that reflect his research interests. These were titled: ‘Is Credentialism a Problem That Confucianism Can Help Us Understand and Address?’, ‘Is Confucianism Compatible with a Laclauian Conception of Democracy?’, ‘Should Economics Increase the Value it Puts on Place?’, and ‘Should a Relational Self That Helps Others Who Are Part of Their Self Identity Be Considered Altruistic and Does This Mean We Should Redefine Altruism?’. He also worked on a dissertation entitled ‘Has the Emergence of a WEIRD Independent Self-Construal Played a Significant Role in the Emergence of National Populism?’. Even longer ago he studied for a BA in Politics and Economics at the University of Nottingham. His undergraduate dissertation here was entitled ‘Can Classical Confucianism Provide Us with a Virtue Ethics Synthesisable with Moral Foundations Theory?’ He in interested in a number of broad areas of philosophy beyond his narrower research focus, including East Asian Philosophy (primarily Confucianism but also Daoism and Buddhism), Political Philosophy, Ethics and Identity (especially relational/social identity).


MA Philosophy, University of Sheffield 2021-2022 – Distinction
BA Politics and Economics, University of Nottingham 2018-2021 – 1 st Class
ESB Level 4 Award in Professional Presentation Skills – Distinction
A-Levels: Politics A*, History A*, Mathematics A, Extended Project Qualification A
GCSE: 6A*’s 3A’s 1B and 1C (including Maths A*, English Language A)

Research interests

Thomas’ current PhD title is ‘Can Confucianism’s Relational and Rooted Picture of the Self Help Us Understand the Values of Modern National (Right-Wing) Populist
Voters in the UK and US?’ This is trying to learn lessons from Confucianism for the purpose of understanding the state of modern Western politics better. He is working
on this project from October 2022-April 2026. He is also interested in the relationship between Confucianism and democracy in East Asian countries and is currently working on a paper entitled ‘Is Confucianism Synthesisable with a Laclauian Conception of Democracy?’. This is based on an MA essay that was submitted to the University of Sheffield on 6 th June 2022. 

His other research interests include:
East Asian Philosophy (primarily Confucianism but also Daoism and Buddhism)
Political Philosophy
Identity (especially relational/social identity).

Research group

Professor James Lenman
Dr Joshua Forstenzer


WRoCAH AHRC Scholarship – Awarded to Fund my PhD
Young Scholars Award from the European Association for Chinese Philosophy for the.paper titled ‘Is Confucianism Synthesisable with a Laclauian Conception of Democracy?’
Prizes from the University of Nottingham:.

  • The Dennis Kavanagh Best Politics Dissertation Prize
  • The Lucy Sargisson Best Political Theory Dissertation Prize
  • The University Prize for Best Student
  • Best Joint Honours Student
  • Progression Prize for Best Year 2 Performance.
Teaching activities

GTA on PHI118 History of Ethics.
Teaching the last week of PHI31007 Ancient Chinese Philosophy, covering Daoism in his lectures and seminars.

Professional activities and memberships

Paid Research Placement for Dr David Stevens – March-July 2021
 Worked as a Research Assistant for Dr Stevens (at the University of Nottingham), the aim of his research being to develop a rational choice theory explanation of the
English Witch Trials. My role was to review the literature around the East Anglian Witch Trials of 1644-46 and place it into the wider conceptual framework of rational choice theory.
Placement - Pathways Housing Solutions – September-December 2019
 Worked on a group project to construct a methodology for a future report into ‘hidden’ homelessness in Nottingham, involving those who were homeless but not rough sleeping, like sofa surfers and people in temporary accommodation. Summer Internship - Office of Ed Miliband MP – Summer 2018

● Gained the internship by winning an essay competition. For my essay I researched the possibility of full reserve banking under the conditions of endogenous money
theory and the effects this would have on inequality, putting my findings into the form of a 3000-word essay.
● Independently conducted research into social enterprises and summarised this research in a correct, concise and succinct manner in the form of a brief for Mr Miliband’s podcast.
● Worked with other members of Mr Miliband’s staff, to identify prominent figures in major social enterprises that could be invited onto the podcast episode and be interviewed on the topic.