What happened at Ideas Bazaar?

ideas bazaar 2017

The Ideas Bazaar brought together academics, post graduate students and creative practitioners from the city of Sheffield. The day encouraged everyone to discuss their ideas and come up with new and exciting ways to showcase the University's research during Festival of the Mind 2018, with funding available for the best ideas!

The event was opened by Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of City and Cultural Engagement who talked about how funding is available to make the best collaborations happen.

Exhibitors brought along exhibits to showcase their ideas and attendees were invited to bring a single object to act as a talking point - or just come along with ideas.

Since 2011, we have seen academics from diverse disciplines such as nanotechnology, English, engineering, robotics, architecture, psychology and biomedical science teaming up with artists, animators, film makers, poets, magicians and musicians in Sheffield to create many unique projects. Successful partnerships have showcased our research in numerous venues across the City including the Spiegeltent, the iconic Castle House and Millennium Galleries, as well as University venues, to audiences from the City and beyond.

We certainly hope that there will be many more such events in the future.

Some images from the day

General enquiries and further information, Email: ideasbazaar@sheffield.ac.uk  Tel: 0114 222 5322