Our People: Inspirational Women

A University-wide initiative celebrating and recognising the inspiring women in our University community.

Full-body view of Alice who is facing the camera with arms crossed.

Dr Alice Pyne

Dr Alice Pyne, Senior Lecturer and UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellow shares more about her research and the impact of her open source pipeline.

Read about Alice's research in Atomic Force Microscopy

Ameena faces the camera, smiling, with her arms folded at the front.

Ameena Blake

Ustadha Ameena Blake, Muslim Chaplain shares the work of the charity she established and hopes for the University's Religion, Belief and No Belief Strategy.

Learn about Ameena's work both in and outside the University 

Asha stands smiling at the camera with St George's Church in the background.

Dr Asha Akram

Dr Asha Akram, Senior University Teacher (Teaching and Scholarship) reflects on her passion for teaching and how she hopes to create a more inclusive university for all.

Read about Asha'a commitment to supporting our students 

Clara stands in front of a machine sewing metal strands

Dr Clara Frias

Professor Clara Frias, Head of the Composite Centre, reflects on the collective achievements of all colleagues and how she hopes to see more women exploring manufacturing pathways.

Read about Clara's composite work and collaborative research

Claudia leans against a wooden balcony rail and is smiling at the camera

Dr Claudia von Bastian

Dr Claudia von Bastian, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, discusses lab culture, research exchange and the value of reflection in an academic environment. 

Read Claudia's reflections on research exchange

Cynthia stands in her examination room with her hands in her pockets and smiles at the camera.

Dr Cynthia Das

Dr Cynthia Das, GP and Deputy Medical Director and Clinical Director for the University Health Service reflects on her passion for passion for student healthcare and the importance of her family.

Learn about Cynthia's work in student healthcare

Faith stands in front of a building with plants either side of her

Dr Faith Howard

Dr Faith Howard, Postdoctoral Cancer Researcher reflects on bridging the gap between academic research and commercialisation and her approach to research.

Read about Faith's commerclisation jouney 

Heather stands in front of the SITraiN sign with her hands folded in front of her

Professor Heather Mortiboys

Professor Heather Mortiboys, Professor of Cellular Neuroscience and Metabolism, reflects on the importance of mentoring and supporting early career researchers.

Learn about Heather's mentoring approach 

Iwona stands in front of polished cylinder with her hands in her pockets

Dr Iwona Zwierzak

Dr Iwona Zwierzak, Technology Lead at the Simulation and Verification Group reflects on her goals for Net Zero and her ongoing commitment toward addressing gender gaps at the Nuclear AMRC.

Read about Iwona's journey and her hopes for Net Zero 

Jennifer leans on a glass balcony with her arms resting on the handle and smiles at the camera.

Jennifer Kerr

Jennifer Kerr, University Teacher reflects on the importance of diversity and inclusion in architecture, teaching and education.

Read about Jennifer's work in the School of Architecture

Julie stands in the wellbeing garden and is smiling at the camera with her hands folded in front of her.

Julie Bradley

Julie Bradley, Operations Manager reflects on the importance of community at the School of Law and the role of the student voice.

Find out Julie's work to make the School of Law welcoming for all

Katherine stands in front of a replica of a water pipe system.

Dr Katherine Fish

Dr Katherine Fish, Research Fellow in Water Microbiology, shares the importance of considering microbial biofilms on our water pipes and outreach activities.

Read about Katherine's research on microbial biofilms

Lizzy stands in front of a small-scale airplane

Professor Lizzy Cross

Professor Lizzy Cross, Professor of Structural Dynamics and Head of Department shares more about the real-world impact of her research and creating a welcoming and inclusive department where all can thrive.

Learn more about Lizzy's work 

Lynette stands next to a University campus security car

Lynette Whitehouse

Lynette Whitehouse, Security Support Officer reflects on giving back to her local community and supporting students across campus.

Learn about Lynette's work to supporting our students on campus

Marie stands smiling at the camera with her hands folded in front of her.

Marie Baxter

Marie Baxter, Project Engineer shares more about her work at the Royce Translational Centre the impact she hopes this with have and the importance of the visibility of women in engineering.

Read more about Marie's work in an engineering field

Munitta stands in front of a building with plants either side, her hands are crossed in front of her

Professor Munitta Muthana

Professor Munitta Muthana, Professor of Immuno-oncology shares more about her research and reflects on her role as School Director of One University.

Read about Munitta's ‘Trojan horse’ research approach

Rachel stands in her lab, hands in her lab coat pocket smiling at the camera

Rachel Tucker

Rachel Tucker, Senior Research Technician and Genomics Laboratory Manager reflects on her career journey, including her unusual and fantastic organisms such as Nightjars and Brittlestar. 

Find out about Rachel's journey in conservation biology

Rhonda stands hands in pockets, smiling and facing the camera. Behind her are three stained glass panels.

Rhonda Allen

Rhonda Allen, Research Associate in Roots and Futures Project shares more about the work of the project and the impact she hopes to see from the work on local communities. 

Learn about Rhonda's work with local Sheffield communities 

Rosanna stands on a grass bank with a building behind her

Professor Rosanna Keefe

Professor Rosanna Keefe, Professor of Philosophy and Head of Department reflects on her research and the community of philosophers at Sheffield.

Read about Sheffield's community of philosophers

Ruth stands facing the camera with a stained glass behind her

Professor Ruth Blakeley

Professor Ruth Blakeley, Vice-President for Social Sciences reflects on the bigger questions that have emerged from her research and the role of mentoring.

Learn about Ruth's involvement in the Rendition Project

Terezia is wearing a traditional Romani skirt with bookcase to either side.

Terezia Rostas

Terezia Rostas, Research Associate shares more about her commitment to supporting local communities and the significance of the traditional Romani skirt.

Read Terezia's work to support local communities