Race Equality Strategy and Action Plan

It is vital that we take a holistic approach to race equality if we are to effect transformational change.

Our strategy specifically targets issues of under-representation, progression and attainment, and aims to create a University community which is diverse and inclusive.

To achieve this, we have identified five key objectives to be delivered via an action plan, covering all aspects of University life:

  1. Reduce the attainment gap between Black, Asian and Other Minority Ethnic (BAME) and White students to zero.
  2. Widen access to students from BAME backgrounds and support these students to succeed once at the University of Sheffield.
  3. Improve graduate outcomes and progression to postgraduate education for BAME students.
  4. Increase the diversity of the staff body and support the career progression of BAME staff.
  5. Create an inclusive campus culture that facilitates belonging and promotes respect for BAME students and staff, and the wider BAME community.