Charles Hamilton

Postgraduate student, School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) and co-founder of the global health and diplomacy conference – SheffWHO.

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I chose to pursue a Masters of Public Health at Sheffield, because of its partnership in the Erasmus+ European Public Health (Europubhealth+) Programme.

ScHARR’s participation in this consortium of highly ranked public health schools, along with Sheffield’s global reputation in public health practice and research, and the added value of academic mobility, professional development and the award of a double masters degree, I knew would provide me with a significant advantage in my future academic and professional pursuits.

I cherished the welcoming community at the University. I felt that students and the faculty valued my experiences as an international student (from the Bahamas) and I found it easy to remain engaged, through the Public Health Society, West Indian Society, and as ScHARR’s Students’ Union Councillor and Academic Representative.

However, I truly treasured the opportunity to co-found the Sheffield World Health Organization Simulation (SheffWHO). With the support of my faculty and the city, SheffWHO has attracted people from across the globe, convening at Sheffield Town Hall, to develop innovative solutions for public health challenges, with results delivered to the World Health Organization (WHO) to support ongoing global health efforts.

It is my desire to be an effective Public Health, Communications and Climate Change advocate. I want to ensure that the voices and lives of marginalized people across the Caribbean are supported.

I am thankful for Sheffield to providing a strong foundation to achieve this goal.

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