Mohammad S. Rajjaque

Program Director, Accounting and Financial Management Division, Sheffield University Management School.

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I have been part of the University since September 2010 when I joined the Management School as a teaching associate.

Prior to that, I did my Bachelors in Economics and MBA in India and worked in banking for a number of years before coming to the UK to study for a masters in finance at Leeds University.

I joined the University of Sheffield after my masters and have been able to use my professional international work experience to develop and deliver our curriculum to enhance our student’s learning and employability.

While working here, I've had the wonderful opportunity to engage with a diverse group of very inspiring and discerning colleagues and students from all parts of the world. My role as a teacher is to inspire and enable young people to achieve their full potential and to make them aware of our social and civic responsibilities to face the challenges that we have as a society.

I strongly feel that this is the best possible way for me to contribute to make this world a better place for generations to come. Although, having colleagues who are extremely supportive and who make your work something that you actually enjoy, also helps a lot!

Incidentally, Sheffield is the city where I have lived longest in my life as I had to keep moving around during my childhood as my father had a transferable job, and then for my education and work.

The city of Sheffield and the University of Sheffield have helped me achieve my potential and have also enabled me to help future generation to achieve theirs.

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