Dr Nicholas Liverpool (1934-2015)

Nicholas Liverpool was a politician and jurist from Dominica who served as the sixth President of Dominica.

Dr Nicholas Liverpool in their graduation robes - image

Dr Liverpool first came to the UK from his home country of Dominica in 1957. After studying Law at the University of Hull and qualifying as a barrister, he came to the University of Sheffield to undertake a Law PhD, graduating in 1965.

Dr Liverpool then worked as a law lecturer and contributor to the law journal at the University of Ghana. He then took up a position at McGill University, before returning to Dominica to assist in the revision of the laws of Dominica and St Vincent.

After this Dr Liverpool worked concurrently as a Judge of the High Court of Antigua and Montserrat, and at the University of the West Indies, where he eventually became Head of the Department of Law.

In 2003, after having worked in several senior state positions, including Chairmanships of the Police, and Telecommunications commissions, Dr Liverpool was appointed as President of the Commonwealth of Dominica. As President, he was seen as a stabilising factor, allowing the island to prosper in a sustainable manner.

So well regarded was he, that the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition jointly requested him to stay on as President for a second term. He completed his presidency in 2012.

He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Sheffield in 2009, in recognition of his outstanding career in politics, law, and academia.

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