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About the Staff Networks 

Staff Networks play an important role at Sheffield and help shape the University’s approach to diversity and inclusion. The Networks provide staff with safe spaces to discuss experiences and opportunities for social interaction, peer support and personal development.  

All the Networks act independently from the University and are organised and led by staff.

Carers Staff Network 

The Carers Staff Network has been established to provide a supportive community and peer learning for carers across the University and a space to find support and resources.

Our aim is to help people identify themselves as carers and to raise the visibility of the role in order to allow colleagues to have early, meaningful conversations with line managers.

Chris Hutchings - Carers Staff Network Co-Chair 

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LGBT+ Staff Network

The LGBT+ Staff Network provides a space for LGBTQ+ staff and PGR students at the University of Sheffield (and all associated services) to come together to socialise, share information, support one another, and celebrate our queer community.

The group works in partnership with colleagues at the University of Sheffield to represent the views of queer staff and PGR students, and to encourage a culture of respect and equality for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Community is underrated in the workplace. I've been a member of the University of Sheffield LGBT+ Staff Network for around 10 years in several capacities. In my previous role at the University, I didn't feel that I was able to attend all the events I wanted to, but I really appreciated knowing that I had a community who had my back. We all have different roles, values, and opinions, but we have solidarity and nothing beats that. Since moving into a different role last year, I can put more time into the Network, having taken on the role of Committee Secretary. I'm loving being able to give back to the community that has always been there for me.

Kate Montague-Hellen - LGBT+ Network Committee member

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Parents Network

The Parents Network aims to support, represent and build a community for those colleagues and students who have parenting responsibilities. We support those who are balancing responsibilities and facilitate opportunities to network and connect with other members. 

The Network meets on an ad-hoc basis and provides a safe, confidential and supportive space for parents to discuss a variety of parenting topics. 

I joined the Parents Network nearly six years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. Initially, I joined because there were not many parents with young children in my department, and I wanted to get advice on maternity leave and nurseries. Now, with two young children, I really value the support that the Network offers, particularly in terms of advice on childcare, work-life balance and keeping children entertained. I always encourage my colleagues to join if they are parents too!

Katie - Parents Network member

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Staff Race Equality Network

The University of Sheffield’s Staff Race Equality Network addresses the needs, priorities and concerns of academic and professional service staff members who are ethnic minorities. All members of staff at the University who self-identify as coming from an ethnic minority background are welcome to become members.

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Women's Network

The Women's Network acts as a supportive community for any staff member self-identifying as a woman or female and creates an aspirational and motivational space for all by providing opportunities to develop skills and confidence and network with others. 

I became a member of the Women's Network shortly after I joined the University of Sheffield. Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting colleagues through the network events and most importantly appreciated the opportunities to learn from others. The insights I have gained from the conversations/events attended are invaluable, some of which have been useful for my professional and personal development.

When the Women's Network was recruiting new committee members, I decided to give it a go and volunteered to be the learning and development officer. I am very happy to work with a group of great colleagues to continue to grow the network and deliver development activities to support the network members.

Fang Zheng - Women's Network Committee member

I've worked for the University for over 30 years and I got involved with the Women's Network as I wanted to meet other staff from around the University. When the role of Chair became vacant. I thought this would be a great opportunity to be involved in a University Committee, as well as planning and creating engaging content and events, to drive positive change for female-identifying staff at the University.

As a clerical grade from professional services, it was great to team up with a Professor from an Academic department. As co-chairs, we can represent our Network and ensure everyone has a voice.

Women’s Network Co-Chair

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Information on our Disability Staff Network will be available soon.