Erasmus+ Programme Mobility Profile: Jerry Joe Harrison

The International Partnerships Team provide an update on the mobility of Dr Jerry Joe Harrison from The University of Ghana who recently completed a mobility as part of the Erasmus+ ICM programme.

Jerry Joe Harrison Heartspace

Dr Jerry Joe Harrison, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Chemistry, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) at The University of Ghana visited the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield in February 2023 as part of the Erasmus+ Ghana Sheffield Mobility Programme.

As part of his mobility, Dr Harrison’s overall objective was to receive training in crystallographic data collection, data reduction and refinement of models of small molecule crystals.

During the course of his visit, Dr Harrison also aimed to further collaborative work on drug discovery and the opportunity to establish new collaboration in structural biology, chemical crystallography and biochemistry.

With the help of his host, Professor Lee Brammer, doing so can enhance our understanding of transmission, diagnosis and drug discovery for a variety of tropical diseases and other viral diseases.

The  Erasmus+ Ghana Sheffield Mobility Programme aims to help both staff and students cooperate with colleagues from around the world, support their professional development and deepen their understanding of working in diverse cultural settings.

International Partnerships Team, Global Engagement

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