Dr Pamela Abbott

BSc (University of the West Indies), MMath (Waterloo, Canada), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)

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Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

Pamela Abbott
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Dr Pamela Abbott
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I started in academia as a computer scientist and mathematician, however, my academic career in Information Systems spans over some 11 years during which I have held various lecturing positions both in the UK (Brunel University London) and abroad (University College Dublin, Ireland).

I obtained my PhD in Management Studies from Cambridge University in 2004, having pioneered research in an area of global sourcing called “Nearshore Software Outsourcing”. This research interest stemmed from my former career as a Software Quality Analyst at a Barbados-based software outsourcing company specialising in providing services to US-based clients.

My more recent work in global sourcing looks at sources of collaboration and innovation through knowledge processes in software and services outsourcing. I carried out most of this research for this latter interest in China in collaboration with Chinese scholars.

I have attracted funding of up to £69,931 to pursue this research and won a prestigious AIS Senior Scholars best paper award for one of the ensuing publications.

My early work in nearshoring also spawned an interest in ICTs and their effects on developing countries since I, myself, am from the Caribbean islands and witnessed the transformation to work practices that took place during the “boom” years of digitization. Most scholars agree that the relationship between ICTs and development is contested; my work helps to uncover some of these contradictions and seek reasons for their continued existence.

I recently participated in two Horizon 2020 EU projects based in Africa which are trying to promote sustainable research and education networks (TANDEM) and science gateways (SciGaIA) to support African scientific communities of practice.

Research interests

My current research interests can be summarised in the following areas:

Global sourcing

  • location of outsourced work (as influenced by geography, culture, economic and non-economic factors related to location)
  • knowledge processes, collaboration and innovation in global sourcing arrangements
  • distributed collaborative work and the relationship with time, space and knowledge/cultural boundaries
  • sustainable sourcing

ICTs and development

  • sustainability of ICT interventions in developing countries
  • sustainable e-infrastructure development in the African subcontinent


  • the transformative potential of ICTs in various work situations e.g. hospital discharge processes
  • e-health interventions and personalisation of healthcare as it relates to wellbeing enhancement
  • passing interest in cybersocial issues such as privacy and security in online and integrated ICT-enabled interactions.


Journal articles


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Conference proceedings papers

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Research group

Current PhD Students

Jihad Al Wahshi: Data Analysis for Business Intelligence: A Critical Evaluation of the role of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis in Money Laundering and Fraud Detections in Oman Banking Industry

Lily Sepulveda Garcia: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Informal Caregivers use of Assistive Technologies to care for people with dementia at home

Elijah Chirwa: An Examination on the impact of digital disruptive innovations on central banks and formulating a strategy for the digital age

David Pinto: Self-Discipline System

Teaching interests

I have teaching experience in subject areas such as business analysis and business/enterprise modelling, global sourcing, research methods, e-business and IS strategy. I have also coordinated industry certification in enterprise software and business analytics applications.

I believe in active learning approaches to module delivery, practical skills development, engagement with industry and peer learning.

Teaching activities

I am currently module coordinator of INF6021 Information Systems Change Management and programme coordinator of the MSc in Information Systems.

Professional activities and memberships
  • Senior Editor, Journal of Information Technology
  • External Examiner, BSc Accounting and Information Management, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Business School, Oxford Brookes University
  • External Examiner, Business Information Systems, J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS)
  • Member of the AIS Special Interest Group on Global Development (SIG GlobDev)
  • Friend, IFIP Working Group 8.2 Information Systems and Organizations