Seminar programme

The Communication, Media and Journalism (CMJ) group regularly host seminars in which our own researchers and those from other institutions share their work.

A student asking a question at the BBC Careers talk.

If you'd like to suggest a speaker for a future CMJ seminar, please email the seminar series coordinator Dr Dmitry Chernobrov at

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic our research seminars are currently taking place online. Please see below for details of the semester 2 programme for 2022. All times are UK time.

If you are not a current staff / student member at the Department of Journalism Studies and are interesting in attending any of these talks, please email the seminar series coordinator Dr Dmitry Chernobrov

Tuesday 1 March, 3pm

Research Showcase Talk: 'The global media 'underdog' and the 'propaganda bullhorn'

Dr Ilya Yablokov
Lecturer in journalism and digital media
University of Sheffield

Wednesday 9 March, 4pm

‘The Evolution of Chinese Soft Power: How China Communicates to the World'

Dr Maria Repnikova
Assistant Professor
Georgia State University

Wednesday 23 March, 3pm

'Covert Influence: How Undisclosed Election Campaigns on Digital Media Steal American Democracy'
(To be followed by a 30 minute informal reception)

Prof Young Mie Kim
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wednesday 27 April, 2pm

Book talk: ‘Outside the Bubble: Social Media and Political Participation in Western Democracies'

Prof Cristian Vaccari
Professor of Political Communication
Loughborough University
International Journal of Press/ Politics

Wednesday 4 May, 2pm

'The limitations of strategic narratives: The Sino-American struggle over the meaning of COVID-19'

Prof Linus Hagström
Professor of Political Science
Swedish Defence University, and

Dr Karl Gustafsson
Associate Professor
Stockholm University

Wednesday 18 May, 2pm

Book Interview: 'The Terrorist Image: Decoding the Islamic State's Photo-Progaganda' 

Charlie Winter
Senior Research Fellow
Kings College London

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