Portrait of Florencia García-RappDr Florencia García-Rapp

Lecturer in Media Audiences and Users

Tel: (+44)(0)114 222 2524
Email: f.garcia-rapp@sheffield.ac.uk

Room 214a

BA, MA (Paderborn), PhD (Pompeu Fabra)

Florencia joined the department as a lecturer in Media Audiences and Users in April 2019, having previously worked at University of Antwerp, Belgium. She was awarded a PhD in communication (summa cum laude) by Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. Florencia also holds a masters degree in Media Culture from Paderborn University in Germany and an undergraduate degree (Licenciatura) in Audiovisual Communication from her homeland, Argentina. Her doctoral thesis focused on YouTube's beauty community and the role of beauty gurus as online celebrities. She applied qualitative research methods with an emphasis on digital ethnography.

Research interests

Florencia's research interests are (new) media and digital cultures, more specifically the examination of online communities, practices, as well as fandom and popularity development. She recently published her sixth and last piece on YouTube's beauty community, where she examines methodological understandings around online fieldwork, interpretive epistemologies and research engagement with popular cultures. She questions prescriptive modes of argumentation that quickly classify people, cultures, and objects of fandom as normative/resistant/legitimate/trivial. Rather, Florencia approaches audiences (users, fans, citizens) from the perspective of media anthropology, acknowledging subjectivities within a global media landscape. As there is no paradigm-free way of seeing, she seeks to bring forward research that tolerates ambivalence, contradictions and embrace the complexity of social worlds and human interaction.


Information on Florencia's teaching will appear here later.


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