Kroto Film and Design

Kroto Film and Design has created feature films, documentaries, graphics, logos, books and photographs.


The Egg Trick

The Egg Trick starring Sir Ian McKellen; written, directed and co-produced by Stephen Kroto.

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Nominated for Love Your Shorts Film Festival, 2014 official selection.

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Artisan Works

The Artisan Works documentary was directed and edited by Stephen Kroto.

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Artisan works wall paintings

Interview with Kitaj

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Short extract from a recorded interview with Kitaj at his home in LA, Kroto Film and Design.

Interview with Roger Dean

The Roger Dean interview was directed, recorded and edited by Ed Goldwyn.

Watch Sir Harry Kroto speaking about Roger Dean.

Children's science book

David and Harry Kroto's book was published in Japanese, by publisher Fuzambo. An English rhyme version was also published by Kroto Film and Design.

Benjy and Bruno in Nanoland cover
Benjy and Bruno in Nanoland Japanese cover
Published in Japan

Download a Benjy and Bruno rhyme (PDF, 1.66MB).

Margaret Kroto's enamels

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Enamel on copper art
Enamel on copper art


Sir Harry Kroto takes a humbling look at historical Italian art.

A global reputation

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