Takeshi Oka

Takeshi made one of the breakthroughs of the century, the detection of the spectrum of H3+.


Papers and articles

Sir Harry Kroto spoke about Takeshi Oka and the paper 'Extraordinary molecules in interstellar space' (PDF, 328KB).

In this paper, for some reason Takeshi missed out the most extraordinary molecules, the polyynes which he and I detected with Lorne Avery, Norm Broten and John McLeod.

The reason was that a chain of nine C atoms seemed to me impossible to create in the molecular clouds in which we observed them (the main reason for doing the experiment which uncovered C60’s existence).

Sir Harry Kroto

He continued, "Now with the detection of C60+ in the diffuse ISM by Maier’s group, we have a possible explanation. C60+ may be the vehicle which transports the molecular carbon aggregates from the star in which it is formed and perhaps finally broken down by cosmic rays or multiple photon fragmentation into such species as HC9N."

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