Sir Harry Kroto's graphic design work has resulted in numerous posters, letterheads, logos, book and journal covers, medal design and more.


Sir Harry Kroto's design awards include:

  • Sunday Times Book Jacket Design competition (1964)
  • the Moet Hennessy/Louis Vuitton Science pour l’Art Prize (1994)

Kroto has a citation in the international design annual “Modern Publicity“ (1979) for the cover of “Chemistry at Sussex“. He designed the Nobel UK Stamp for Chemistry in 2001 and has exhibited in the Royal Academy (London) Summer Exhibition, 2004.


Chemistry at Sussex brochure cover
Harry Kroto's Sunday Times winning book jacket design
Book cover designs by Sir Harry Kroto


A poster designed by Harry Kroto for the Fairfield Hall, jazz competition final.
Posters designed by Sir Harry Kroto


Logos created by Sir Harry Kroto
A range of used and unused logos created by Sir Harry Kroto


Kroto's artwork
Kroto's artwork
Kroto's artwork
Sir Harry Kroto's portrait of Margaret Kroto
Kroto's artwork
A linocut of a man working in a field


On display

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

In 2004, Allen Jones and David Hockney curated the RA Summer Exhibition. They devoted one room to people who use their hands to draw as an aid to their work.

This man, Sir Harry Kroto – he’s a Nobel prize winner because he discovered a new carbon element. He said he went to art school and wanted to be a designer, but he somehow got into chemistry. He says, “Well, I was just playing and it was a conceptual argument about whether you could close this sphere with an octagon.”

He thought about this then he looked at Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. Through doing this he discovered a molecule that was exactly that construction, which was the new carbon element for which he has won a Nobel prize.

He’s totally messianic about his commitment to drawing. It’s just making the point that drawing is a very basic way of communicating and rationalising one’s ideas. The fact that it’s somehow seen as a recreational pastime now in educational establishments is a shame.

Allen Jones

Kroto added "Allen did not remember things perfectly but he got the spirit right!"

Sir Hary Kroto's drawings which were on display at the Royal Academy summer exhibition, 2004.

Articles about the exhibition:

Light ceiling design at Leibniz University Hamburg

The design was based on an icosahedral X-ray crystal pattern.

Light ceiling design at Leibniz University Hamburg
Light ceiling design at Leibniz University Hamburg

C60 in the google logo

I managed to get Google to celebrate C60’s 25th birthday on 4 September 1985, with a rotating Buckyball. This stimulated Google to develop more dynamic doodles.

Sir Harry Kroto

Stained glass window designed by Harry Kroto at Florida State University
Stained glass window designed by Harry Kroto at Florida State University

Kroto research institute

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