Health and Safety within the Kroto Research Institute

It is the policy that the the Kroto Research Institute provides, wherever possible, the necessary resources to maintain a safe infrastructure for those working within the KRI. It is expected that all individuals working in the Institute operate within an ethos of good practice and compliance with Health and Safety regulations. It is also a specific intention of the Institute that an excellent training in high professional standards of Health and Safety work culture is provided to all early career scientists whilst working in the Institute.

In addition to this, it is the Heads of individual home Departments who are responsible for overseeing compliance with Health and Safety requirements.
Each group within the KRI is expected to follow the specific policies on safety matters established by their home Departments, on advice from their Departmental Safety Committees. The KRI does NOT operate an additional or overarching Safety Committee.
For these reasons the KRI does not have its own Safety Officers and specific safety issues should be raised with the relevant designated individuals from the home departments. Details of the current members of staff responsible for specific areas of Health and Safety within each department can be downloaded using the right hand link.

The University Health & Safety Code of Practice provides a general framework for safe working in the University and is available to all staff and students. It can be downloaded from the Codes of Practice listed on University Safety Services website.
The KRI Health and Safety booklet is also available for download (see link on the right). This booklet provides additional guidance and information on specific issues relevant to the KRI. It also includes Local Rules specific to the KRI, where appropriate.