CCR PGR LogoCCR-PGR is the postgraduate community of the Centre for Criminological Research. The group consists of criminology postgraduate taught/research students, and welcomes anybody with an interest in criminological research. The aim of CCR-PGR is to try and solve problems by providing peer-advice and discussing research related issues that are challenging (or just new and unfamiliar). These sessions are open to postgraduate students from related departments. It is an informal environment; the main aim is to provide a forum for networking amongst criminology and social science students and researchers.

We run 4 key events a year where we provide a forum for discussion of a topic relating to PhD (or postgraduate) work, such as articulating your ideas, chapter writing, and ethical and practical issues in field work.

Event Timing
Free Lunch at Interval (Students Union)  Friday 20th October 2017 at 12.30pm
CCR-PGR Coffee & Cakes January 2018
CCR-PGR Working Lunch March 2018
Practice Presenting for Conferences May 2018

Join us

CCR-PGR membership is free and open to postgraduate students across the University of Sheffield and warmly welcomes members from other departments.

If you would be interested in joining CCR-PGR, please contact