CCR PGR LogoCCR-PGR is the postgraduate community of the Centre for Criminological Research. The group consists of criminology postgraduate taught/research students, and welcomes anybody with an interest in criminological research. The aim of CCR-PGR is to try and solve problems by providing peer-advice and discussing research related issues that are challenging (or just new and unfamiliar). These sessions are open to postgraduate students from related departments. It is an informal environment; the main aim is to provide a forum for networking amongst criminology and social science students and researchers.

We run various events throughout the year (social events and career/educational ones). If you have any ideas about any events you would like us to organise then please email Charlotte Walker and Vicky Barrett (CCR-PGR representatives) at

Event Timing
Coffee and Cakes

12 Feb 2020 at Coffee Revolution

Join us

CCR-PGR membership is free and open to postgraduate students across the University of Sheffield and warmly welcomes members from other departments.

If you would be interested in joining CCR-PGR and/or would like more information about the events listed above please contact