Centre Members

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Name Role in Cluster Department Research key words
Dr Mark Brown Director School of Law Prisons and penal policy; penal history and theory; colonial and post-colonial law and justice; comparative jurisprudence; global criminology; transnational organised crime; security sector reform; fragile and post-conflict states
Professor Joanna Shapland Director School of Law Criminal justice, particularly the role of victims, restorative justice, lay people in the criminal justice system and youth justice; desistance from offending; informal economy; business and crime
Professor Christopher Bennett Deputy Director Department of Philosophy (Head of Department) Retributive and restorative justice: looking at the theoretical basis of restorative justice and its place within the philosophy of punishment and criminal justice, particularly its relation to retributivism and the associated concern with individual responsibility
Professor Rowland Atkinson Deputy Director Department of Urban Studies and Planning Urban security and social control; urban criminology; gated communities
Dr David Hayes  Assistant Director School of Law Criminal justice, criminal law, punishment and society, philosophies of punishment
Dr Maggie Wykes Assistant Director School of Law Media representations; cultural criminology; identity, criminalisation and power; gender; violence; netcrime


Name Department Research Key Words
Ali, Dr Parveen The School of Nursing and Midwifery Domestic violence; gender based violence; inequalities in health
Allen, Dr Ansgar School of Education History and philosophy of education; schooling, assessment and power; history of meritocracy'
Bacon, Dr Matthew School of Law Policing (in particular the occupational culture of the police, criminal investigation and covert policing); The drug trade and drug control policy; The night-time economy; Organised crime and the informal economy; Qualitative methodologies
Banwell, Dr Julia School of Languages and Cultures The relationship between trauma (including violent crime and murder) and the visual image, particularly photography and contemporary art, in Mexico
Bingham, Professor Adrian Department of History Court and crime reporting in the twentieth-century British press; press coverage of child sexual abuse
Birdi, Dr Kamaljit Management School Policing, Creativity and innovation, Evaluation of training and development activities, Identifying factors influencing the effectiveness of workplace learning, E-learning, Organisational learning, The effects of ageing in the working population, Attitudes and behaviour
Blakeley, Professor Ruth Department of Politics State violence; terrorism; torture; rendition; US foreign policy; UK foreign policy; the global governance of human rights; the global political economy of violence
Bottoms, Professor Anthony School of Law Environmental criminology; penology; desistance from crime
Britton, Dr Jo Department of Sociological Studies Race and criminal justice, criminalisation of ethnic groups
Brooks, Dr Sarah Management School Policing, Organisational Behaviour with specific focus on Occupational Psychology, Human Resource Management and Leadership
Clark, Dr Tom Department of Sociological Studies Evil, extreme deviance, Myra Hindley
Cochrane, Dr Alasdair Department of Politics Punishment; human rights; civil liberties; prison; prisoners' rights; animal rights; crimes against animals
Crawley Jackson, Dr Amanda School of Languages and Cultures Representation of carceral environments; Formal, ontological and ethical dimensions of texts
Debowska, Dr Agata Department of Psychology Child abuse and neglect; Intimate partner violence; Gender-based violence; Psychopathy
Dennis, Dr Alex Department of Sociological Studies The sociology of protest and dissent; security work; non-criminal deviance
Dick, Professor Penny Management School

Gender and policing; the social construction of policing; police culture and identity

Ellis, Dr Heather School of Education The history of education; the history of universities; the history of masculinity and gender
Ellis, Dr Katie School of Nursing and Midwifery Young people's experiences of custody; resilience in childhood; vulnerability and sexual exploitation
Flint, Professor John Department of Urban Studies and Planning Anti-social behaviour, policing, riot and urban disorder, housing and neighbour relations management, citizenship and social control, social cohesion
Fotios, Professor Steve School of Architecture Effect of light source spectral power distribution on perception and visual performance; Street lighting for pedestrians - perception, performance, conspicuity, energy consumption and crime
Hartman, Dr Todd Sheffield Methods Institute Racial and ethnic bias in criminal justice; stereotypes and implicit prejudice; public attitudes toward crime; quantitative methods
Heap, Dr Michael Chartered Clinical Forensic Psychologist Forensic psychology; psychology for legal assessments on accused and convicted defendants; psychological injury
Hillner, Professor Julia Department of History Crime and punishment in late antiquity in particularly monastic prisons, punishment and childhood and domestic violence
Holdaway, Emertius Professor Simon School of Law The police and policing, especially police race relations; the occupational cultures of criminal justice agencies and their impact on policy and practice; inter-agency relationships and crime and disorder partnerships; young offenders; sociological understandings of crime and deviance
Hughes, Professor Nathan Sociological Studies Developmental neurosciences for criminology and criminal justice policy and practice. In particular he is concerned with responses to young adults in the criminal justice system and the criminalisation of those with neurodevelopmental impairments
Kirkham, Dr Richard School of Law Ombudsman: Constitutional theory; Administrative justice; Complaints mechanisms
Lenman, Professor James Department of Philosophy Responsiblity; guilt; punishment; blame
L'Hoiry, Dr Xavier Department of Sociological Studies Organised crime; illicit enterprise; informal economy; surveillance; policing
Marsh, Professor Peter Department of Sociological Studies Inter-agency relations; research dissemination; offending and parenting
Masse, Dr Francis Department of Politics Political ecology of conservation and security; Political geography of human-environment and state-nature relations; Critical policing, military, and security studies; micro-politics and everyday practices of responding to wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade
Matheston, Dr Jesse Department of Economics Effects of the economic and social environment on individual choice; support services for domestic violence victims
May, Professor Tim Sheffield Methods Institute social scientific methodology; research methods; philosophy of science and social science; social theory; universities and socio-economic development and engagement; urban and science policy; innovation; knowledge and sustainability; management and organizational change; politics and regional representation and thinking sociologically
Meier, Professor Petra School of Health and Related Research Gun and gang involvement; addictions; drug treatment; young people and drugs
Meth, Dr Paula Department of Urban Studies and Planning Informal settlements and crime, gendered fear of crime and violence, masculinity: perpetration/victimisation, governance and crime in South Africa, and vigilantism
Norris, Professor Clive
Department of Sociological Studies Social impacts of CCTV; the effectiveness and evaluation of CCTV
Percival, Professor Richard School of Law Criminal Law; criminal law reform
Priede, Dr Camilla Institute of Lifelong Learning Survey methodology and design; perceptions and values for landscapes; integration of public attitudes in landscape and heritage policy
Pryce, Professor Gwilym Sheffield Methods Institute Urban poverty; housing; statistical analysis; 
Rice, Dr Lindsey School of Law Police and Policing (in particular police occupational cultures, criminal investigation and vulnerability), Private Security, Police Reform (in particularly, the civilianisation and privatisation of provision and services), Police Custody, Police Legitimacy, Procedural Justice Mixed Methods Research
Robinson, Dr Gwen School of Law Probation practice; risk assessment and management of offenders; offender rehabilitation; resettlement of ex-offenders; restorative justice
Sharpe, Dr Gilly School of Law Social and penal regulation of ‘troublesome’ children and young people within and beyond the youth justice system; research in the area of community provision for women who offend
Shaw, Dr James Department of History History of debt and bankruptcy; Small claims litigation; Informal Economy
Shoemaker, Professor Robert Department of History Social and cultural history; urban history; gender history; the history of crime, justice and punishment; the use of digital technologies in historical research
Sikes, Professor Pat School of Education Perceptions and experiences of school teachers accused of sexual misconduct with pupils which they say they did not commit; research ethics; sensitive research
Skinns, Dr Layla School of Law Police and policing; Multi-agency criminal justice partnerships; Crime prevention and community safety; Restorative justice in schools; The relationship between drugs and crime
Sorsby, Dr Angela School of Law Restorative Justice
Stampnitzky, Dr Lisa Department of Politics War on terror; political violence; torture; human rights
Sumner, Professor Colin Department of Sociology Crime and the media; ideological interpretations of criminality; theoretical criminology
Thompson, Dr David School of Law Reintegration/resettlement/rehabilitation of offenders; sexual offending; circles of support and accountability; policing
Topakas, Dr Anna Management School Organisational Change and HRM in Policing Organisations, People Management in Healthcare, Leader-Member Exchange, Leadership Categorisation and Implicit Leadership Theories, Followership, Employee Engagement, High Performance Work Systems
Tsuchiya, Professor Aki HEDS, ScHARR and Department of Economics Outcome measures; seriousness of offences; fear of crime; intangible victim costs of crime

Turton, Dr Helen

Watt, Dr Peter

Department of Politics

School of Languages and Cultures

Sexual violence, gender based violence, human rights, restorative justice, transitional justice.

Drug war in Latin America; narcotrafficking and organised crime; white colla

West, Dr Charles Department of History Religious/legal intersection, exemption and immunity, medieval law
White, Dr Adam School of Law Policing; private security; soldiering;  private military; regulation; legitimacy and the public good
Whitworth, Dr Adam Department of Geography Small area deprivation; education; crime; spatial microsimulation; gender and families; quantitative methodologies
Williams, Professor Colin Management School The informal economy; evaluating the nature of the informal economy; evaluating the links between the informal economy and crime; assessing participation in the informal economy
Withington, Professor Phil Department of History Urbanism and urbanization; the social history of politics; the social and economic history of intoxicants; the relationship between culture, society, and social and economic change; theories and histories of social practices.

Student Members

Name Department Research Key Words
Barrett, Victoria School of Law 'Thatcherism',  neo-conservative 'law and order', UK society today
Bekaj, Mr Armend School of Law Politics, international relations, security, criminology, social policy
Binch, Ms Lucy School of Law Prostitution; the sex industry; gender and identity
Bradford, Ms Lauren School of Law Victims; homicide; media; gender
Corbally, Alice School of Law Policing, partnership, provision, mental health, autism
Fernando, Ruwani School of Law Culture, desistance from crime, desistance narratives, France and England
Ferrazzi, Dario Department of Urban Studies and Planning Crime and Criminality and Urban Space
Grace, Mr Jamie School of Law Criminal justice, Human rights, Policing, Criminal records, Domestic violence, Information law
McMahon, Ms Louisa School of Law Domestic abuse; same-sex domestic abuse; gender; masculinity; male violence; male victimisation; heteronormativity; critique of feminist theory; grounded theory
Smith, Ms Rivka School of Law Policing (in particular police occupational culture; race and diversity; gender; criminal investigation); police custody; law of evidence; criminal procedure; qualitative research methods
Stark, Ms Abigail School of Law Prisons and Imprisonment, Penal Policy, Comparative Penology, Prisoners’ Rights, Prisoner Disenfranchisement, Citizenship and Desistance
Walker, Charlotte School of Law Unrepresented Defendants, Criminal Courts