CCR Research Seminars 2020/21

Everyone is welcome to attend. Events will be held online until further notice. 

Date and Time Title
Speaker Venue

14th October 

Author Meets Critics: Confronting Penal Excess: Retribution and the Politics of Penal Minimalism.

Dr David Hayes 

Discussants - Professor Dirk van zyl Smit, University of Nottingham. Professor Lucia Zedner, University of Oxford.

Online event.
11th November  Counting crime: discounting victims? Examining the implications of HMICFRS inspection results into police recording practices for victims of crime Professor Matthew Hall Online event.
9th December  Grenfell: Crime, Harm, Social Murder Professor Steve Tombs Online event.
10th February Irregular Migration from Eritrea and the ‘Smuggling/Criminality Nexus

Professor Georgios Antonopoulos

Discussant - Dr Russell Buchan

3rd March TBC Katja Franko TBC
28th April  Climate Changed: Refugee Border Stories and the Business of Misery Daniel Briggs TBC

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Previous series

Date Title Speaker
Wednesday 1st May at 17:15 Complex Victims, Responsibility and Transitional Justice in Northern Ireland Dr Sarah Jankowitz, Universi
Wednesday 13th March at 17:15  Ultra Realism: A Guide for the Uninitiated Professor Simon Winlow - Northumbria University

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Author Meets Critic: The Resettlement of Sex Offenders after Custody, Circles of Support and Accountability Author Dr David Thompson, University of Sheffield meets critic Sarah Armstrong from the University of Glasgow.
Wednesday 21st November 2018 Regulating Police Detention: Voices from behind closed doors Dr John Kendall, Author
Wednesday 5th December 2018 ‘Help me please’: Terror, Trauma and Self-Inflicted Deaths in Prison Prof Joe Sim, Liverpool John Moores
Wednesday 13th February at 17:15 New directions in hate reporting research: agency, heterogeneity and relationality Prof Catherine Donovan, Durham University

Date Title
Wednesday 11th October 2017 Author Meets Critics: Taking Care of Business: Police Detectives, Drug Law Enforcement and Proactive Investigation. Author Dr Matthew Bacon, School of Law, University of Sheffield with critics Professor Simon Holdaway (Nottingham Trent University) and Charlie Lloyd (University of York)
Wednesday 8th November 2017  Policing Permissive Space: Rethinking sovereignty and statehood in South Africa Dr Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock, University of Edinburgh
Wednesday 6th December 2017 Send out a Signal, I’ll Throw You a Line”: Insights for Desistance Research from Signaling Theory Professor Shadd Maruna, University of Manchester
Wednesday 7th February 2018 Veterans and violence: an exploration of pre-enlistment, military and post-service life Dr Katherine Albertson, Sheffield Hallam University 
Wednesday 21st February 2018 QuadCOPters & Robbers: Constables, criminals and disruptive drones Philip Wane, Nottingham Trent University  
Wednesday 21st March 2018 'A tale of two institutions'. This will be about David's journey from criminal to criminologist and prison to university. David Honeywell, York University 
Wednesday 18th April 2018 Drug Prohibition, Inequality and Consumer Capitalism: A Toxic Trap Dr Keir Irwin Rogers, Open University 
Wednesday 25th April 2018 Queering the Pitch? LGBT Prisoners Rights, Needs and Experiences Dr Nicola Carr, University of Nottingham