Professor Andy Ridgwell

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Partner/Co-Investigator, University of California, Riverside/University of Bristol

Andy Ridgwell
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Professor Andy Ridgwell is a Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Bristol and Professor of Geology at the University of California, Riverside.

Dr Ridgwell writes computer models (‘bad computer games’) – numerical representations of the primary interactions of climate with atmospheric CO2, including the cycling of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients between land, ocean, and marine sediments.

His main project is developing an Earth system model based around a 3D ocean circulation model, somewhat ridiculously named ‘cGENIE’. He has previously applied cGENIE to a range of diverse questions and time intervals, from geological episodes of extreme glaciation and warming, and global-scale ocean anoxia, through understanding global biogeochemical cycling in the modern Earth system, to quantifying future marine impacts of fossil fuel CO2 emissions and the effectiveness (or otherwise) of geoengineering.

Current cGENIE-based projects and interests revolve around simulating the co-evolution of marine plankton and their environment, and their ecological sensitivities to past climate perturbations and global environmental catastrophe and elucidating the role of weathering in regulating atmospheric CO2 and climate. He never sets foot in the lab.