Dr Becky Wagner

School of Biosciences

Research Associate

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Dr Becky Wagner
School of Biosciences
Alfred Denny Building
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Becky is an Atmospheric Chemist and a Climate Scientist with research interests in climate change mitigation, atmospheric chemistry, climate modelling and air quality. She holds a PhD from the University of York and an MChem from the University of Leeds.

Becky’s research during her PhD focused on the development of new measurement and analysis methods in order to generate new insights from air quality data, with the aim of increasing the understanding of air pollutant emission sources. A particular focus area was investigating volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in urban areas and quantifying air pollutant emissions from vehicles.

As a research associate in Maria Val Martin’s group, Becky uses earth systems models to study the impacts of land-based strategies for carbon dioxide removal. She is evaluating how effective the restoration of wetlands/peatlands could be as a strategy for climate change mitigation, alongside quantifying their indirect effects on the environment, climate and atmospheric composition.

Becky is also passionate about science policy and public communication and has been involved in multiple outreach projects.