Dr Heather Goring-Harford

External partner

Research technician, University of Southampton

Heather Goring-Harford
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Heather is a geochemistry research technician at the University of Southampton. She performs trace element concentration and stable isotope analyses on a variety of natural samples, including seawater, river water, rocks, corals and plankton. She specialises in column chromatography and high precision mass spectrometry techniques, and has a particular interest in analyses involving isotopic tracers, for example isotope dilution and double spike methodologies.

Heather provides analytical services and training to students, staff and external clients at the University of Southampton (NOC), and undertakes method development to acquire novel data. Her work has various applications, including the study of climate change, environmental pollution, and evolution of life on Earth. She provides analytical support to LC3M, principally the trace element analysis of river and soil waters.