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Dr Jamie Wilson is an Earth System Modeller interested in the interactions between marine plankton ecosystems, biogeochemistry, and the carbon cycle.  His current research as a Lecturer in Ocean Sciences at the University of Liverpool quantifies the Biological Carbon Pump – the storage of atmospheric CO2 in the deep ocean driven by the activity of marine plankton. As part of this Dr Wilson has led on research quantifying the uncertainty and future trends in this process in the latest IPCC model projections funded by am AXA Research Fund fellowship. He currently leads a working group contributing to a community-wide effort to generate a benchmark estimate of the Biological Carbon Pump supported by the UN Ocean Decade.

Dr Wilson has a background in Earth System Modelling and the long-term carbon cycle. Prior to joining the University of Liverpool, Dr Wilson developed and used a new trait-based plankton ecosystem model coupled to an Earth System Model (EcoGEnIE). He made the first predictions of plankton ecosystems in the warm greenhouse climate of the early Eocene (55 million years ago) as well as quantifying the role of biological carbon sequestration over the last 65 million years. Dr Wilson currently supervises PhD researchers who are developing ecological models of foraminifera (a calcifying zooplankton that is the workhouse of palaeoceanography); exploring the consequences of changing calcifying plankton ecology on the past carbon cycle; and quantifying the ultimate limiting nutrient in the ocean.

Dr Wilson has an interest in improving the accessibility of Earth System Models to promote inclusivity and is an active advocate for neurodiversity in Ocean Sciences.