Dr Negar Vakilifard

External partner

Environmental Engineer, Open University

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Negar has worked on multi-disciplinary projects in the field of environmental engineering. Her research interests include simulation, mathematical optimisation modelling, sensitivity and data analysis.

She completed her BSc in Civil Engineering-Hydraulic Structures at Power and Water University of Technology and her MSc in Environmental Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. In her MSc degree, she designed, ran and optimised a biological wastewater treatment reactor at laboratory scale as a part of a collaborative project in the field of chemical-environmental engineering.

Negar started her PhD at Murdoch University in Australia, having been awarded a Murdoch International Postgraduate Scholarship (MIPS), where her research focused on developing an optimisation framework for long-term planning and short-term operational scheduling of a desalination-based water supply system driven by hybrid energy sources through integrating mathematical optimisation techniques with a PV simulation software and ArcGIS tool.

The outcome of the research has been published in prestigious international journals. Negar has also worked as a consultant engineer for several companies in Iran and has been involved in different industrial projects.

Her role within LC3M will be investigating the macroeconomics of enhanced weathering (EW) in the context of a broader global transition towards a sustainable energy system. She will also be evaluating how EW might be incentivised by realistic policy frameworks related to energy, emissions and agriculture.