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Collaborator, Texas A&M University

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Dr. Shuang Zhang is an assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography at Texas A&M University. His research broadly uses data-driven and model-driven approaches to quantify the fluxes in the global carbon and biogeochemical cycles and to understand the forces at work behind those cycles, especially under periods of climatic perturbations.

His current research projects include evaluating the potential of using enhanced rock weathering to tackle global climate change from the land-river perspective; training machine learning models to quantify rock weathering fluxes from different rock sources; and building global river-land database to serve the low-temperature community. Dr. Zhang is a Co-PI of several NSF-funded projects, including the $3.2 million DeCODER project that aims to facilitate the standardization and discovery of massive scientific data. He also serves as the guest editor for Global Planetary Change and Frontiers in Earth Science.