Associate Professor Dr Suzan Benedick

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Partner/Co-Investigator, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

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Assoc. Prof. Dr Suzan Benedick has been working as a lecturer in the Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Malaysia Sabah since 2007. Suzan graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture (UPM) in 1995, a BSc. Conservation Biology in 1999 (UMS), an MSc. Biological Sciences in 2001 (Durham University, UK), PhD. Conservation Biology in 2005 (UMS). She teaches several courses such as pest management, agricultural entomology, agroecology and sustainable agriculture. She has conducted extensive research on the biodiversity of tropical insects, including the systematics and genetic diversity of Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera. Her current research interests include products and systematics of stingless bees, honey bees and pest management, and toxicology of insect pests such as the rhinoceros beetle in oil palm plantations. Currently, she has a research collaboration in oil palm invertebrate biodiversity with Yun Fung Sang Group and with Nilaihasil Sdn Bhd in the toxicity of Oryctes rhinoceros, a major pest of oil palm. She is also an invited speaker on stingless bee farming and pest management in several districts in Sabah, including Sandakan, Kota Marudu, Kiulu and Lahad Datu. Dr Suzan also collaborates with many researchers from different countries including the UK (University of Cambridge and University of Sheffield), Italy (University of Tuscia) and Germany (University of Munich). She is also a life member of ENTOMA (Entomology Malaysia) and a member of COLOSS - Honey Bee Research Association.