Academic staff

Head of Department

Name Interests Email
Professor John W Haycock Bioengineering

Meet our Academic Staff

Academic staff

Name Interests Email
Professor Dan Allwood Materials Physics
Dr Magnus Anderson Metallurgy
Dr Rebecca Boston Functional Ceramics
Dr Kathy Christofidou Metallurgy
Dr Fred Claeyssens Biomaterials
Dr Claire Corkhill Nuclear Material Corrosion
Professor Serena Corr Functional Nanomaterials
Dr Eddie Cussen Functional Materials
Dr Julian Dean Simulation of Functional Materials
Dr Joel Foreman Polymers and Polymer Composites
Dr Colin Freeman Materials Simulation
Dr Amy Gandy Nuclear Materials Engineering
Dr Marco Giardiello Biomedical Materials
Professor Russell Goodall Metallurgy
Dr Nicola Green Biomaterials
Professor Russell J Hand Glass Science and Engineering
Professor John Harding Materials Simulation
Professor John W Haycock Cell and Tissue Engineering
Dr Tom Hayward Materials Physics
Dr Vanessa Hearnden Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Dr Christopher Holland Biomaterials
Professor Neil C Hyatt Nuclear Materials Chemistry
Professor Beverley J Inkson Nanostructured Materials
Dr Martin Jackson Materials Processing
Dr Plato Kapranos Semi-solid Metals Processing
Dr Hajime Kinoshita Materials Chemistry and Geochemistry
Dr Adrian Leyland Surface Engineering
Dr Günter Möbus Electron Microscopy and Materials Science
Professor Nicola A Morley Material Physics
Professor Eric J Palmiere Metallurgy
Professor John Provis Cement Materials Science and Engineering
Dr Alice Pyne Soft Matter/Polymers
Dr Aris Quintana Nedelcos Functional Materials
Professor W Mark Rainforth Materials Science and Engineering
Professor Ian M Reaney Ceramics
Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren Energy Materials
Professor Gwen Reilly Tissue Engineering
Dr Cornelia Rodenburg Materials Science and Engineering
Professor Ipsita Roy Biomaterials
Professor Derek C Sinclair Materials Chemistry
Dr Martin C Stennett Nuclear Materials Chemistry
Dr Richard P Thackray Steelmaking
Dr Meurig Thomas Metallurgy
Professor Iain Todd Metallurgy
Dr Karl P Travis Computational Materials Science
Dr Michael Trikic Biomaterials
Professor Tony West Electroceramics and Solid State Chemistry
Dr Xiangbing Zeng Polymers

Associate academic staff

Name Title
Professor Neil Chapman Emeritus Professor
Professor Fergus G E Gibb Emeritus Professor
Professor Geoff W Greenwood Emeritus Professor
Professor Frank R Jones Emeritus Professor
Professor Sheila MacNeil Emeritus Professor
Professor John M Parker Emeritus Professor
Professor John H Sharp Emeritus Professor
Professor Panos Tsakiropoulos Emeritus Professor
Professor Goran Ungar Emeritus Professor

Visiting staff

Name Institution Title Research area
Dr Antonio Feteira Sheffield Hallam University Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Steven Franklin Philips Electronics, Netherlands Visiting Professor Visiting Professor to Leonardo Centre
Dr Fernando Fraternali      
Dr Mohammed Ghadyani      
Dr Stephen Hull ISIS Facility, Science and Technology Facilities Council Visiting Professor ISIS neutron scattering facility
Prof. Keith Jackson Medilink Visiting Professor  
Dr Hongfen Ji Xi'an Technological University, China Visiting Scholar Functional ceramics. Ceramic synthesis sand characterisation.
Dr Roderick Mackenzie Self-employed Archaeometallurgist Visiting Scholar Carry out research on archaeological metals and associated production residues
Prof. John McCloy Washington State University Visiting Professor Glass-Ceramic Wasteforms for High Level Wastes from Advanced nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
Prof. Susan Molyneux-Hodgson University of Exeter Visiting Professor  
Dr Michael Ojovan International Atomic Energy Agency Visiting Researcher  
Prof. Kaixin Song Hangzhou Dianzi University Academic Visitor Microwave dielectric materials
Dr Yongshan Tan Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics University Visiting Academic Magnesium phosphate cements for radioactive waste immobilisation and disposal.