Dr Julian Dean

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science

+44 114 222 5473

Full contact details

Dr Julian Dean
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Sir Robert Hadfield Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

Julian Dean obtained his Masters in Physics (MPhys) from the University of Sheffield in 2004. His PhD award in 2007 on micro-electromechanical systems looked at incorporation of magnetostriction in magMEMS. Julian subsequently worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Science and Engineering materials on :-

  • The simulation of impedance spectroscopy: The analysis of electroceramic materials.
  • Artificial multiferroic materials
  • Magnetic micro electromechanical systems (MagMEMS): devices for bio-chemical and security
  • Magnetic phenomena on the nanoscale
  • The study of magnetoelasticity at surfaces and interfaces

In 2012 Julian was appointed to the role of University Teacher and then to the role of Lecturer in Materials Simulation in 2013, maintaining his research interests.

Research interests
  • Functional material responses - design and characterisation
  • Artificial multiferroic materials
  • The analysis of electroceramic materials
  • Magnetic phenomena on the nanoscale
  • The prediction, optimisation and development of permanent magnetic materials

Key projects:

  • The development of Impedance Spectroscopy to characterise electroceramics using finite element analysis
  • The simulation of strain interfaces of functional materials
  • Realistic microstructure generation for input into finite element simulations
  • Substitution and Sustainability in Functional Materials and Devices
  • Magnetic micro electromechanical systems (MagMEMS): devices for bio-chemical and security

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers


  • Goncharov A, Hrkac G, Dean J & Schrefl T (2012) Finite Element Modelling of Impedance Spectroscopy Data in Composite Electroceramics. RIS download Bibtex download
Teaching activities

Julian is actively involved in public outreach and education, particularly with school age students. Working with Dr Dan Allwood and Dr Matthew Bryan, he assisted local Sixth Form students in conducting research on designing new magnetic hard drive materials. This work resulted in a research paper [J. Appl. Phys. 106, (2009) 053902] and an education paper on the project itself [Phys. Ed. 44 (2009) 627]. Julian was also co-awarded the 2009 Kroto Prize for Excellence in the Science Education of Young People.

He has run hands-on Materials outreach activities for school students from 5 – 18. These sessions include ‘High-performance composite chocolate’ (Ages 5-21) [Phys. Ed 48 2013] , ‘Magnets’ (Ages 7-11) and ‘Structural materials properties’ (Ages 14-18). Most recently worked with Dr Dan Allwood to develop a suite of Flash-based virtual experiments to support Physics A-level tuition: FlashyScience. These have been used to deliver lessons to A-level (16-18 years) students and are used as part of graduate programmes.