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Professor of Composite Engineering

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Professor Patrick Fairclough
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
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Professor Fairclough completed a BSc in Physics at the University of Birmingham in 1990. He then started a PhD in Neutron Scattering at Birmingham. He graduated from Birmingham with his PhD in 1995. A postdoc in polymer science took him to UMIST in Manchester in 1994 (after briefly working as a service engineer).

The postdoc lasted until 1997 when he was recruited to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. In 2013 he took up the chair in Composite Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Research interests

Patrick's research covers a wide variety of polymers, soft materials and composite systems. He is director of the Composites Systems Innovation Centre at Sheffield (CSIC). CSIC has a focus on low energy materials; this includes natural materials and reducing the energy costs of processing conventional materials. Part of this work is developing an understanding of the ageing of composite systems by various types of weathering and exposure to harsh environments.

The work involves both experimental and computer modelling in collaboration with Dr Joel Foreman. We are keen to build bridges between Engineering and the Physical Sciences to help develop new systems and are always looking for keen and motivated PhD students from both Engineering and Physical Sciences backgrounds. Collaboration with Chris Holland in Materials Science and Engineering and Lenny Koh in the Management School is studying minimally processed natural fibres within biodegradable matrices both in terms of mechanical performance and life cycle analysis (LCA).

The polymer projects cover the understanding of stability as applied to polymer crystallisation, colloidal structures and phase separation in mixed polymer systems. Patrick is currently working on structural colour with collaborations both in industry and academia. Together with Dr Parnell in Physics they were awarded the IChemE Innovative Product of the Year award in 2011 for their work on structural colour.


  • Antonino Bianco: Structural Colour; Sponsored
  • Ryan Seabright: Phase Separation in Polymer Systems; Sponsored
  • Mark Latham: Polymer Welding; CASE sponsored
  • Stella Manoli: Natural Materials Composites: CSIC
  • Rhys Williams: Nanomaterial composites: CSIC
  • Ying Lang Ang: Stress Transfer in Carbon Fibre-Epoxy composites: CSIC
  • Sam Swinbourne: Polyurethane Networks: Sponsored by Circor
  • Stephen Knox: Chemistry of Novel Epoxy Networks: CSIC & Polymer CDT
  • Alec Shackleford: Free Volume in Novel Epoxy Networks: CSIC & Polymer CDT
  • Najihah Mohd Tamyis: Nanotube Carbon Composites: CSIC
  • Yas Khalil: Additive Manufacturing of Polymers: ADAM Centre
  • Tom Sydney: Shine Grantham PhD Project on Algae for Biofuels; Algal Biotechnology Sheffield Network

More details of the current PhD projects on offer are available on the Department's PhD site.


Journal articles


Conference proceedings papers

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  • Soft Nanotechnology November 2007 to October 2012; £796,000 with Prof. Richard A. L. Jones (Pl), Prof. Anthony J. Ryan, Prof. Mark Geoghegan, Prof. David Lidzey
  • EPSRC KTA KickStart Funding Biologics October 2011 to June 2012, £1116,000 with Prof. Richard Ross, Prof. Nigel Clark, and Prof. Peter Artumuik
  • The Effects of Poilydispersity on Self Assembly in Block Copolymers: February 2007 to October 2010 £254,000 with Prof. Sebastien Perrier (Sydney), Prof Mark Matsen (Reading)
  • The Microscale Polymer Procesing Consortium for Macromolecular Engineering (MuPP ii): Toolbox Development and Application March 2005 - March 2009 £815,000 Prof. Anthony J. Ryan, Dr Ellen Heeley collaboration as part of the larger MuPP ii grant with Prof. Tom C. B. McLeish (Pl), Dr R. Alan Duckett, Dr Oliver G. Harlen, Prof. Peter Hine, Prof. Pete Jimack, Prof. Alexei Likhtman, Dr Helen J Wilson, Prof. Phil D. Coates, Prof. Malcolm Mackley, Dr Lian R. Hutchings, Dr Nigel Clarke, Prof. C Paul Buckley
  • Accelerated Discovery for New Organic Semiconductors November 2004 to October 2007, £234,000 Prof. Mick Turner and Dr Martin Grell
Teaching interests
  • MEC132: Matter Flow and Energy (Thermofluids)
  • MEC406:: Engineering Composite Materials (Solids)