Undergraduate courses

Our courses cover all aspects of engineering - from design and innovation to manufacturing - as well as the fundamental scientific principles underpinning them.


We'll also help you to develop the additional skills you'll need to become a successful mechanical engineer. This includes team-working, effective communication and problem-solving.

With MEng and BEng courses available - with some also offering opportunities to work in industry or abroad - please follow the links below to find out more about our mechanical engineering degrees at the University of Sheffield. 

What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is an incredibly diverse subject, which affects almost every aspect of our lives.

Mechanical engineers are involved with the conception, design, production and marketing of all manufactured products, for the latest aircraft to the delicate instruments used in microsurgery.

Being an engineer involves thinking creatively to solve complex problems, and many of the critical challenges facing the world today, such as increasing energy efficiency, will require mechanical engineers to find innovative solutions.


Year in industry 

Study abroad 

We're currently in the process of replacing our 'Year with Language' programmes and will have something new in place for the 2021/22 academic year. 

Foundation year 


All of our courses are accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Our MEng courses meet all of the academic requirements for Chartered Engineer (CEng) status. Our BEng courses meet, in part, the academic requirements for Chartered Engineer status and students will need to complete some further learning to meet them in full. 

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