Spanish-English Tandem

Partners will reciprocally support each other in achieving their own pre-agreed goals, alternatively acting as learner and teacher, taking responsibility for their own learning and providing constructive opportunities for language practice and feedback to their partner.

  • University credits: 10
  • University levels: 1-4
  • Pre-requisite: 
    In addition to being native speakers of the language they are 'teaching', students should have the following qualifications or equivalent learning experience in the language they are learning:
    MLT347A Spanish-English Tandem Advanced 1: MLT216, A level grade A-C, CEF B1+
    MLT219A Spanish-English Tandem Higher Advanced 1: MLT263, A level + 1 year or stay abroad, CEF B2
    MLT327A Spanish-English Tandem Proficient 1: MLT313 (> 65%), A level + 2 years or long stay abroad, CEF C1
  • Co-requisite: N/A.
  • Availability: Students of the University of Sheffield taking the module for credits, Erasmus students.
  • Teaching period: Autumn semester (See timetables and course dates)
  • Contact times: Two introductory seminars in Weeks 2 and 4, and two counselling session in Weeks 4 and 7. Also a minimum of 20 hours of bilingual collaborative learning with a native-speaker partner. Sessions to be arranged by partners, at least 2 hours per week divided equally between the 2 languages.
  • Group size: Tandem pair.
  • Language Co-ordinator: Dr Minerva Sirera-Trull
  • Module Leader: Dr Minerva Sirera-Trull
  • Pathway: 
    MLT347A Spanish-English Tandem Advanced 1: MLT263
    MLT219A Spanish-English Tandem Higher Advanced 1: MLT313
    MLT327A Spanish-English Tandem Proficient 1: MLT353

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