Dr Renee Timmers - Teaching

In my teaching, my aim is to empower students to inquire, investigate, and explore, and so to learn from experiences as well as from existing perspectives and findings. I encourage deep learning by inquiring about relationships between different findings and theories, and relationships between theory and practice. I have contributed to learning and teaching innovations in the Psychology of Music curriculum, among others by creating links to modules in Cognitive Neuroscience, implementing peer feedback, and facilitating engaged learning, including observations of and participation in sessions in which music is used for wellbeing and development.

Administrative roles

  • Director of the distance learning MAs (MUST03 and MUST35) Psychology for Musicians and Music Psychology in Education.

UG in Music

  • Music Psychology in Everyday Life, biannually (Years 2 & 3, Module leader)
  • Psychological Approaches to Performance, biannually (Years 2 & 3, Module leader)

MA in Psychology of Music

  • Quantitative Research Techniques, annually (Module leader)
  • Topics in Music Psychology, annually (Tutor)
  • Research Design, annually (Tutor)
  • Research Techniques, annually (Tutor)

Distance learning MA in Music Psychology in Education and Psychology for Musicians

  • Musical Development, biannually (Module leader)
  • Psychology of Performance, biannually (Module leader)
  • Music in Everyday Life, biannually (Module leader)
  • Readings Module, biannually (Module leader)

Supervision of UG and PG Dissertations

  • Dissertations related to music psychology, performance and empirical musicology often with a cognitive or sociological component to it.

I regularly supervise research internships of visiting students. I am also happy to welcome exchange students at PhD level for shorter research visits.