Students with caring responsibilities

Advice, information and support for students with caring responsibilities.



If you're a student from a care background, visit the students from care page.

Student carers

You're classified as a student carer if you're looking after another person on an unpaid basis who otherwise couldn't manage on their own, due to various reasons including

  • old age
  • disability
  • mental health problems
  • chronic or terminal illness
  • alcohol or drug addiction and dependency.

University support

If you're facing personal or emotional difficulty, our support services can provide you with the necessary support and advice.

Our Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS) service offers confidential one-to-one support and gives information and guidance on a range of issues.

Register with SAMHS (Student login required)

Alternatively, you can visit our Support Hub pages, which will signpost you to the most appropriate information and services.

Student Online Support Hub (Student login required)

To make sure you have access to all of the support available to you, notify us of your caring responsibilities via the form below.

Students with caring responsibilities form

External support

By law, you're entitled to an assessment of your needs to determine how you can balance your personal health and wellbeing with your role as a carer.

You can set up a meeting with the social services department in the area where the person you're caring for lives. This can help you identify what support you need and how to access it.

See Sheffield City Council social care

You may be eligible for

  • respite care
  • membership of carers support groups
  • access to a Carer’s Emergency Scheme.

The pages below outline some national and local support organisations:

Academic support

Before you arrive, we recommend you inform your academic department of any responsibilities that may have an impact your studies or ability to attend classes.

Your academic department will support you if you experience difficulty keeping up with academic work, or your timetable clashes with your caring responsibilities for example.

You will be assigned a personal tutor who will also be able to offer support and discuss any adjustments that you may need in relation to your studies.

Financial support

University Bursary

If you're a recognised carer, you may be eligible for the University Bursary. Visit the page below for more information:

University bursary for students with caring responsibilities

For further guidance, contact our Fees and Funding Team.

Carer's allowance

If you're a part-time student with caring responsibilities, you may be eligible for a carer's allowance provided by the government.

Find out more and see how to apply (GOV.UK)

If you need independent advice about welfare benefits, contact the Student Advice Centre.

Council Tax exemption

For specific information about Council Tax and exemption for student carers, visit the Student Carers section on our Council Tax webpages (Student login required).

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