Registration at other times of the year

Guidance for students registering outside of the main September registration period.


New students commencing studies prior to August 2022

If you are due to commence study at the University of Sheffield prior to the end of August 2022, you will be sent information about your registration arrangements with details of the steps you can undertake before you start your course.

Please look out for emails from

If you have not received information about registration, contact the Registration and Records Team.

Due to the additional operating restrictions arising from the current National Lockdown, we are unable to operate face-to-face services in the usual way, which includes in person registration.

We have introduced remote registration and you can complete this process by setting up your University username and password as detailed in your pre-registration emails. You can find detailed information on the tasks on our ‘Preparing for registration’ page:

You will need to work through all of the sections shown to you in your pre-registration list of tasks before your registration is complete.

Access your pre-registration tasks

Log in to your pre-registration tasks with your username and password:

If you are having issues logging in, check the following page:

Upload your passport and visa (International students ONLY)

International students will also have access to the 'Upload Passport' and 'Upload Visa' tasks within pre-registration. These tasks will require you to upload a copy of your passport and a copy of your travel vignette or visa application.

You will not be able to complete your course registration until you have uploaded your passport and visa documents and these have been checked.

You will need to provide a relevant visa in order to begin your studies. Your registration may be revoked or withdrawn if you are unable to provide evidence of the right to study in the UK when requested by the University.

The documentation required for studying in the UK is as follows:

If your visa is granted;

  • a scan of the current visa vignette in your passport with the University's Sponsor Licence number EGTNN8XR7 (the travel vignette you used to enter the UK).
  • a scan of both sides of your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card with the University's Sponsor Licence number EGTNN8XR7 (If you have one).

If you have an ongoing visa application:

  • a copy of the Document Checklist PDF which is available to download after completing your visa application online and confirms the date you applied and the type of visa you applied for.

Complete 'Update Personal Details (including financial information)’ - all students

To register on your course, you must complete the Update Personal Details task within Pre-Registration, including Financial Information.

This video contains guidance relating to this task.

You must complete the Financial Declaration. You will then be able to select the 'Arrange Fee Payment' and choose whether to pay in full or in instalments. If your tuition fee will be paid by a sponsor (eg a government organisation or private company), please upload a copy of your sponsor letter via the pre-registration process.

Work your way through the sections of this task until you complete the final section, ‘REGISTER’. You must complete your online registration in advance of arrival in Sheffield.

Postgraduate research students only - If you wish to amend the start date of your studies, please contact your department before registering. Start dates cannot be amended once you are registered with the University.

Applying and registering for a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course – what to expect

The following information will guide you through the process of applying, and registering, for a CPD course. Examples of these types of course include:

  • Language modules for members of the public
  • Certificate in Learning and Teaching
  • Sociological Studies CPD
  • CPD Nursing programmes
  • English Language Teaching Centre short courses

Step 1 – Making an application/ expressing an interest

This is the first part of the process to becoming registered on your course.

The application process for each CPD course can vary by Department, however, it is likely that you will need to complete one of the following:

  • Online application form
  • Expression of interest/ paper application form sent to the academic department

The above applications will then be processed, and approved, by the Department and Admissions Service at the University.

Once your application has been processed, an applicant record will be created.

Step 2 – Accessing the applicant portal

Applicants will receive an email from containing your University username and inviting you to activate your MUSE account:

As part of this process you will be asked to create a password. The University will only issue your username.

When you’ve activated your account you can access MUSE by using ‘Log in to MUSE’ link located at the top of any University webpage.

Note to University staff members: if studying on a CPD course, activate your username and follow the instructions to forward your student email to your staff address on the following link:

Step 3 – Completing your registration

Once your academic department and the Admissions Service have all the information they need, and your application has been approved, your applicant record will be updated to a student record.

You can only complete your registration for your course once you have a student record.  Students are required to register at the start of their programme of study, and thereafter at the start of each session or new module.

To complete your registration, log in to the Applicant Portal and look for your list of pre-registration tasks. The key tasks to complete are:

  • Activate your Student Account (this will be your email address, username and password to access all your University on-line services)
  • Upload your sponsor letter (if you are a sponsored student)
  • Upload a passport photo to obtain a University UCard (identity card)
  • Update personal details (including financial information) Updating all the sections in this task will complete your online registration process.

Your UCard

Once you have completed your Registration you will be able to collect a student UCard. The UCard officially identifies the holder as a University of Sheffield student. Even if you do not intend to use your UCard on campus, the card number also acts as your library number and you will need this to access online library services.

You should contact your academic department to confirm arrangements for your UCard as they may issue this to you.

International students only

For purposes connected to UK immigration law, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has made it compulsory that universities retain copies of passports and visas for all international students. It is essential that you provide this information to the Student Administration Service before you attend teaching.

Although you may be studying in Sheffield with immigration permission that permits study but is not a Tier 4 student visa, you must provide us with evidence of your entitlement to study in the UK. This will help us comply with UKVI regulations and ensure that your records with the University are fully up to date.

Erasmus & Study Abroad registration

Spring semester registration 2022

Your in person Registration Event is on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th February 2022. Information regarding this, including a link to book an appointment will be emailed to you. You will not be able to register without a pre-booked appointment.

As an Erasmus or Study Abroad student, you have already selected modules as part of your application process. If you have any outstanding modules to choose after you have completed Registration, then you will be contacted and asked to request the required amount of additional credits.

If you have an exemption to study less than 60 credits, please upload this in pre-registration in the task ‘Upload your Module Confirmation Letter’.

Once you have completed your registration, you will be able to change your modules (if you choose) through the "Add/Drop" process. The Add/Drop system opens on 31 January 2022, and will stay open until 18 February 2022. You can use the system to make requests to exchange one module for another of the same credit value. The system can be accessed via MUSE. Log in as normal and go to the My Services tab / View all services for the link to the online system (under M - Module Add/Drop). Follow the simple instructions on screen.

If you are still required to select additional modules after registering, or you need to drop an individual module, please use this form. Upon receipt of your submission, the Registration & Records Team will contact the relevant academic departments for their approval and make the necessary updates to your student record.

Within pre-registration, you will need to complete a task which asks you to upload a copy of your visa. Depending on your travel plans and type of visa, you may need to upload a specific document as shown in the table below. If you cannot provide all the evidence listed for your visa type please provide what you can and we will request any additional documents at a later date.

Immigration document

What to upload in pre-registration

Visit Visa (application made before travelling)

Main passport details page

Visit visa vignette in passport

Visit Visa (application made at UK border on arrival)

Main passport details pag

Travel/flight evidence, e.g. ticket, boarding pass, etc.

Student Route (visa less than 6 months)

Main passport details page

Student visa vignette in passport

UK entry stamp in passport or trave/flight evidence

Student Route visa (more than 6 months)

Main passport details page

Travel vignette in passport

UK entry stamp in passport or travel/flight evidence

BRP card (unless collected from the University)

EU Settlement Scheme

If you have Pre-Settled or Settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme you may choose to provide your share code with which we can confirm your status digitally. Alternatively you can leave this section blank for the purpose of registration, but we may request this at a later date

Eligibility and intention to apply for EU Settlement Scheme

If you plan to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme based on residency in the UK before Brexit you will have until 30 June 2021 to do so. You can leave this section blank for the purpose of registration, but we may request evidence at a later date.

If you have queries about using the Add/Drop system, or need advice about selecting new modules, you should contact the departmental exchange tutor in the first instance.

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