Departmental contacts

Contact information for departmental study abroad advisers.

These are the departmental advisers in each academic department, for both inbound and outbound students. Some departments have different advisers for European and non European destinations.

Inbound students

The departmental advisers should be your first point of contact for academic questions whilst you are in Sheffield.

Outbound students

The role of the adviser is to give continual academic advice from enquiry stage right through to when you are overseas.

They help you identify relevant courses at the overseas universities, they're contactable while you're abroad, and they ensure you always meet your Sheffield degree requirements.

You must discuss your options with them before you submit an application.

Department Name Email
Aerospace Engineering Academic: Dr Giuliano Punzo
Animal & Plant Science

Academic: Prof Jonathan Leake (outbound non EU)

Academic: Dr Christian Voigt (outbound EU and all incoming)


Academic: Prof Maureen Carroll 

Support: Paul Dennington

Architecture Academic: Dr Claudia Rojas-Bernal
Automatic Control & Systems Engineering

Academic: Prof Zi-Qiang Lang

Support: Liz Woodward

Biomedical Science Academic: Dr Martin Ziedler
Bioengineering Academic: Dr Michael Trikic
Chemical & Biological Engineering

Academic: Dr Yajue Wu 

Support: Marine Percival


Academic: Prof Lee Brammer (non EU)

Academic: Dr Ahmed Iraqi (EU)

Support: Michelle Bates

Civil & Structural Engineering

Academic: Dr Maurizio Guadagnini

Support: Alice Thomas

Computer Science Academic: Dr Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol

BA East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies (incoming)

Academic: Dr Hyun Kyong (Hannah) Chang

Support: Mrs Clea Carroll


Academic: Dr Vassilis Sarantides

Support: David McCourt

Electronic & Electrical Engineering Academic: Dr Milijana Odavic
English Academic: Dr Agnes Lehoczky

Academic: Dr Maxime Goergen (outbound EU)

Academic: Dr Christine Baycroft (incoming EU)

Academic: Dr Kristine Horner (Luxembourg incoming and outbound)

Support: Eleanor Madley (outbound EU)


Academic: Dr Manoj Menon

Support: Thom Sullivan


Academic: Dr Giles Harrington (outbound EU)

Academic: Dr Caroline Bland (incoming EU)

Academic: Dr Henriette Louwerse (Dutch incoming and outbound)

Support: Eleanor Madley (outbound EU)


Academic: Dr Peter Watt (incoming and outbound EU)

Support: Eleanor Madley (outbound EU)


Academic: Dr Erin Maglaque

Support: Hayley Smith

Human Communication Sciences Academic: Dr Traci Walker

Academic: Dr Jared Ahmad

Support: Jess Meacham


Academic: Mrs Emma Shaw (non EU)

Academic: Dr Eckart Lange (EU)

Support: Helen Morris

Management School

Academic: Dr Chantal Cantarelli

Support: Nathan Hobson

Materials Science and Engineering

Academic: Dr Hajime Kinoshita

Academic: Dr Ashley Willis (non EU)

Academic: Dr Tobias Berger (EU)

Mechanical Engineering

Academic: Dr Inna Gitman

Support: Cristin Goodyear

Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Academic: Dr Liz Alvey
Music Academic: Dr George Nicholson
Nursing and Midwifery Academic: Mr Mick Ashman
Philosophy Academic: Prof Eric Olson

Academic: Dr Ed Daw (Physics and Theoretical Physics)

Academic: Dr James Mullaney (Physics & Astrophysics)

Politics Academic: Dr Nasos Roussias
Russian and Slavonic

Academic: Prof Evgeny Dobrenko (Russian - incoming and outbound EU)

Academic: Mr Luděk Knittl (Czech & Polish - incoming and outbound EU)

Support: Eleanor Madley (outbound EU)

Sheffield Methods Institute Academic: Dr Aneta Piekut
Sociological Studies

Academic: Dr Julie Walsh

Urban Studies and Planning

Academic: Dr Berna Keskin

Support: Jo Mirfield

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