Frequently asked questions by inbound students.


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Can I change my course or modules?

It is possible to change modules within the first three weeks of each semester.

We call this process 'Module Add/Drop'. It means that if you realise a module is not for you, you can 'drop it' from the list of courses you registered for and 'add' a new one in its place. To add and drop modules you should follow the procedure outlined on the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) webpages: Add/Drop Information

Can I extend my stay?

If you arrive in the Autumn semester and wish to extend your stay, you should contact Global Opportunities to see if there are spaces. The deadline for applying for an extension is 01 November each year. 

Where can I find more information about grades and results?

Read more about grades and results on our SSiD pages.


How do I get my Erasmus+ form signed?

If your home university has asked you to have an Erasmus+ form signed at the beginning of the semester, for example a 'Certificate of Arrival', then visit the SSiD webpages for more information.

The staff at SSiD are authorised to sign most Erasmus+ forms, but Learning Agreements will need to be signed by the departmental Erasmus+ tutor.

Departmental tutors

Do you offer Erasmus+ traineeships?

There is no central office in the University of Sheffield that administers inbound traineeships (or work placements, as they are more commonly called in the UK).

Students who are interested in undertaking a work placement at the University of Sheffield should contact the department they wish to work in directly.

List of departments

Erasmus+ traineeship students do not have the same status as registered University of Sheffield students.

This means that:

  • The receiving department must register them as external visitors
  • They must obtain an external visitor card, not a student u-card
  • Access can only be granted to the Western Bank Library (not the IC) by applying for an External Borrower Card
  • They must find their own accommodation and cannot apply for University owned housing
  • They may be liable to pay Council Tax
  • They do not have access to the same University services as registered students

Erasmus+ traineeship documents issued by the sending university (for example, the Learning Agreement for Traineeships) must be signed by the supervisor in the hosting department.

What support services can I access?

There is a wealth of support services for all students here at the University of Sheffield. As a fully registered student, you are eligible and more than welcome to access them.

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