Why study or work abroad?

Going abroad for a year, semester or summer school can increase your employability, explore a new country and provides you with valuable life experience.


Choosing to work or study overseas as part of your degree helps broaden your horizons and allows you to gain new perspectives. Being able to travel to another part of the world and explore a new country develops different life skills as well as building confidence. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to make new friends from all walks of life and build a global network.

Many students find their time abroad to be a life-changing and rewarding experience. It’s a time for self-discovery as well as personal development. There are a number of different opportunities to choose from and it’s all about finding the right one for you.

Hear from students who have spent time abroad.

In today's global business environment, studying, working or volunteering abroad can greatly enhance your employability. Being more culturally aware, demonstrating a willingness to try new things and putting yourself in unfamiliar environments are all attributes that employers value highly. Research carried out by the UUKi in their Gone International Report 2018 has shown that spending time abroad has a positive impact on your degree and job prospects.

Students studying abroad:

  • 19% more likely to gain a first-class degree 
  • 10% more likely to be in ‘graduate’ jobs six months after graduation
  • 17% more likely to be in ‘graduate’ jobs six months after graduation

It's good to know

You don’t need to be able to speak a foreign language but there are opportunities to learn a language here in Sheffield before you go. Languages for all is a university wide scheme that is available to all university students who want to either develop existing language skills or start a new language from scratch.

There are a number of scholarship schemes and travel bursaries available, plus students who spend a semester or year abroad are eligible for reduced tuition fees for that period.

You’ll have access to support from Sheffield and your exchange university while you are away.

If you want to spend a semester or year abroad, please be aware that opportunities vary by course and it's not possible to spend a semester or year abroad on some courses. View the list of partner universities by subject to find out if your course is eligible or get in touch to find out more.

A global reputation

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