Preparing for registration

The steps below contain information about what you need to do before you arrive at the University. Please take time to read this information carefully.


Confirm your personal and course information.

Once you have accepted an unconditional offer, we will ask you to:

  • confirm the personal and course details we hold for you.
  • supply additional information, such as your term time address (the address you will be living at during your studies in Sheffield). 
  • provide details of someone who we can contact in case of an emergency. This could be a parent, relative or friend.

Please make sure that you have provided us with your correct email address. if you need to update your email address please email:

If you have not received this email by the first week of September then please let us know by emailing :

Upload your Ucard photo

Your Ucard gives you access to University buildings and lets you borrow books from the Library and use University printers and photocopiers. 

It includes your photo and is also used as your ID card as well as for offers and discounts in shops and bars.

If you upload your photo online using our pre-registration system, then your Ucard will be printed for you at the Registration Event.

If you forget to do this, you can:

  • take a photo on your smartphone 
  • upload it to pre-registration even while you are in the queue at the Registration Event. 

It should be ready to print when you reach the Ucard section.

Read the admissions requirements

Before you can register as a new student, you must provide evidence that you have met:

  1. The University's general entrance requirements and
  2. the specific academic requirements of our course or the conditions of your offer

This includes evidence that you meet the University's minimum English Language requirement.

All new students should read the Admissions Policy:

If you need to have your qualifications verified during Intro Week, we require you to present the following document(s):

  • original certificates or transcripts of your academic qualification(s), including those relating to your English Language level. These must clearly show the final result of your qualification(s); or
  • certified copies of certificates or transcripts relating to your academic qualification(s), including your English Language level. These must be authenticated by an appropriate authority (e.g. your school or previous university) with an official stamp and must also clearly show the final result of your qualification(s).

Not all students are required to have their qualifications verified during Intro Week. Students whose qualifications and results have been supplied directly to the University by an awarding body or through UCAS do not require verification. 

If you do need to bring evidence of our qualifications, the Admissions Service will notify you in advance. 

 If you are a graduate of the University of Sheffield you will not need to bring your certificates.

Choose your modules (Taught students only)

As a new student entering the university, you are required to choose your modules (also referred to as units of study) that you will take in your first year.

From late August you will be able to access a module selection task within the Online Registration system where your modules can be requested.

The module selection task will show:

  • your core modules (modules that are compulsory and cannot be changed) 
  • how many remaining credits you need to select for a full set of modules. 

Within the task, you will be presented with a list of module choices that have been pre-selected by your department. You must select your remaining modules from this list. 

Your department will email you with specific details about module choice before arrival. If you require any further guidance on your modules, please contact your department.

Bear in mind that many modules are only taught in one Semester each year. You are aiming to identify modules that, with your core modules, make up a full and balanced load of:

  • 60 credits per Semester (for Undergraduate students) 
  • 90 credits per Semester (for Postgraduate students). 

The total modules should come to:

  • 120 credits per academic year (for Undergraduate students) 
  • 180 credits per academic year (for Postgraduate students).

After Registration

Changing modules after registration

If you wish to request changes to your modules after completing registration, there is a short period called ‘Add-Drop’. This will run between 20 September 2021 and 8 October 2021.

Check your University Record

You should check your personal record to ensure that the list of modules corresponds with those that you are taking. This list will be used to prepare your Examination Timetable.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your units are correctly recorded.

Complete your Financial Declaration

All students must complete the Financial Declaration in advance online. 

This confirms the source and level of your funding, and provides the University with a guarantee that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of your degree. 

You will also be asked additional questions about any sponsorship you are expecting to receive, as well as information about your nationality and residential history. This information is required to help us determine your status for tuition fee purposes.

We will provide you with instructions on how to do this via the pre-registration email which will be sent to you in August or early September.

Fee Status Assessment

Fee Status Assessment Form (PDF, 1.9MB)

Pay your Tuition Fees

Information about paying your tuition fees is below:

Provide a Sponsor Letter (sponsored students only)

Information about how to obtain a sponsor letter is below:

Set Up your University Computer Account

 After the Admissions team have issued your offer, they will send you an email from:

containing your username and inviting you to activate your account by following the instructions in their account activation site:

As part of our extended community, if you're holding a University of Sheffield offer you're entitled to access MUSE (My University of Sheffield Environment). 

MUSE is the easiest way to:

  • book to attend departmental open days
  • apply for University accommodation (available from March)
  • apply for scholarships 
  • complete pre-registration tasks.

If you go on to register as a student at the University, you’ll continue to use MUSE to download course materials, manage your student record and access University services.

Please contact 

if you haven't been invited to access MUSE within three working days of receiving your offer.

When you’ve activated your account you can access MUSE at any time simply by clicking ‘Log in to MUSE’ in the bar along the top-left of any webpage.

If you have problems accessing MUSE please visit the pages below:

Inform the University of any accessibility requirements

If you have limited mobility or you are a wheelchair user, please contact the Student Administration Service before attending Registration, preferably a few days before coming to the University. 

We can assist you with any alternative arrangements that may be necessary.

Register for the University Health Service

The University Health Service (UHS) is a National Health Service (NHS) General Practice which is available to all students living in Sheffield (and their dependents living within the Practice's inner boundary) who are registered at the University of Sheffield, providing that they are studying for 3 months or more.

Please complete the University Health Service registration questionnaire and application in your registration tasks.

If you are already registered with a doctor in Sheffield you do not need to register with UHS if you don't want to.

Unfortunately, if you do not live in Sheffield you will not be able to register with UHS.

Prepare to collect your Ucard/Biometric Residence Permit

Once you have completed registration online, you will be contacted by email with a specific time and place to collect your UCard. 

Once you have completed registration online, you will be contacted by email with a specific time and place to collect your UCard. You must bring one form of ID from the following:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence (UK)- Full or Provisional. Isle of Man/Channel Islands; either photocard (only valid with associated counterpart licence, except Jersey) or paper.
  • EU National Identity Card
  • Identity Card for Foreign Nationals (ICFN) / Biometric Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate (UK & Channel Islands) issued within 12 months of birth (full or short form acceptable including those issued by UK authorities overseas, such as Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces).
  • Adoption Certificate (UK & Channel Islands)

You must also bring:

  • Your University offer letter, if you have received one
  • Your pre-registration login details (username and password) so that you can upload a photo for your UCard to be printed, if you have not done this already as part of your pre-arrival actions

Overseas students must also bring:

  • Passport and Visa 
  • Decision letter showing leave to remain or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you have already collected it

Apply for your CAS number (international students only)

Information on applying for your CAS number is below:

Upload a copy of your passport and visa / BRP (international students only)

You will have applied for your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) at the same time as you applied for entry clearance, and will be given a vignette valid for 30 days which allows you to enter the UK.

Various options for collecting your BRP will be offered to you and we strongly advise that you select the option of collecting your BRP from the University of Sheffield. Please see below on how to do this.

If you have elected to collect from the Post Office then you will need to do this before attending your registration event. 

If you have chosen to collect your BRP elsewhere you will not be able to register without it.

Please provide a scanned copy of your visa or BRP before you register. You can do this by uploading an image in your pre-registration account.

Ensure you check the following when uploading documents:

  • You have uploaded your visa after entering the UK and your visa has been stamped by a UK immigration official (where appropriate).
  • You have uploaded the front AND back of your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).
  • The document you have uploaded is a valid form of leave to remain in the UK.
  • The image is clear.

Do not worry if you do not have a visa yet, this task will be available for you to undertake until you register.

You must bring the original documents with you to your Registration Event so the University can verify the scanned copies.

If you have any questions about this process, please email:

Read ATAS information (international students only)

Information about the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) is below:

Additional tasks for PGR students

Before your first supervisory meeting, consider these questions:

  • What are your reasons for undertaking doctoral study?
  • What are your current career aspirations?
  • What are you most looking forward to, and what concerns do you have about undertaking doctoral research?

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