How to pay your ELTC tuition fee

Paying your tuition fee is an essential, integral part of registration at the University of Sheffield.



A few days after you return your acceptance form, or when there are less than 2 months remaining until your course begins, you will receive an email asking you to complete a number of online pre-registration tasks, including paying fees, for your ELTC course, in advance.

You will not be permitted to pay your fees by Western Union Business Solutions or Debit/Credit card at a Registration Venue.

If you haven’t paid your fee when you attend registration you will not be able to complete the full registration process until you have done so. You will be advised to make your payment from a different device eg a smartphone or alternative computer.

Please do not make any payments before you have returned your eltc acceptance form and have received your email about your pre-registration tasks.

If your course begins in less than two months and you have not yet received your pre-registration email, it is likely that we do not have a contact email address for you, or your contact email address is wrong.

Contact and we will arrange for a pre-registration email to be sent to you (this can only be done after you return your acceptance form).

You will not be permitted to register if your tuition fee is less than £1,000 and you have not made arrangements to pay in advance.

Payment methods

As part of the Pre-registration process you can pay for your course by the following acceptable payment methods:

Credit / Debit Card, online

Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa/JCB/AMEX) or a UK Debit Card (Visa Debit/Debit MasterCard): the card can be your own or that of a parent or family member.

Make sure that you speak to your credit card issuer before you come to Sheffield and register: let them know how much you will be paying for your tuition fees as this will help to ensure that the payment is not declined by your bank when the University processes the transaction.

CHINA UNIONPAY credit and debit cards are NOT accepted by the University. (see below)

Western Union Business Solutions - Bank Transfer and other payment methods

Please ensure you arrange for money to be transferred from your home country to The University of Sheffield in advance of your arrival in Sheffield, as the University needs to record the payment before you register on your induction day.

Western Union Business Solutions: This is a simpler, faster way for you to securely send payment to us either by bank transfer or a range of online payment options using our international payments WU Globalpay for students.

To make your payment using Western Union simply go to the following page and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button. 

Enter the country from which you wish to pay, you will then be provided with a selection of different ways to pay. You can choose the best one for you. This quotation is guaranteed for 72 hours. Follow the instructions given by Western Union to ensure your payment arrives in sterling to the University. Remember: you will not be able to arrange a transfer, via Western Union Business Solutions, at a registration venue - you must do this in advance.

If you have problems paying your tuition fee by credit/debit card or by Western Union Business Solutions when you are completing the Pre-registration process, email:

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