Tuition fees for Postgraduate Research Overseas Students

Tuition fees information for Overseas Postgraduate Research students.


Your tuition fee

Your offer letter included the rate of tuition fee payable for your particular programme of study in 2022-23.

We recommend that you check your fee in advance of arriving:

Find your tuition fee

The tuition fee you pay in the first year will be the same for each year of the course. This is only applicable if you stay on the same course. If you change course you may be subject to a higher rate in subsequent years of study.

Your offer letter will confirm the length of time you pay tuition fees for. Continuation Fees are payable thereafter.

For more information, refer to the Postgraduate Research Students portal.

Important information

Fee Status - Home or Overseas

If you think you'll qualify for 'home' fees at some point in the future, you're best advised to defer your entry until then. Check our Fee status page carefully to make sure you've understood the rules correctly.

Financial Declaration

All students must complete the Financial Declaration, online, in advance:

You will be sent a link, via email, asking you to complete your pre-registration actions; this includes completing the Financial Declaration.

How to pay your tuition fee

Sponsored students

If you are being sponsored by an external organisation, check the following linked page for information about what you need to do:

Sponsored students

If you are paying your own tuition fees

You will be sent a link via email, asking you to complete your pre-registration actions; this is where you arrange to pay your tuition fee, online, in advance.

Paying your tuition fee is an integral part of registration at the University. We advise you to arrange your fee payments in advance of your arrival. If you are unable to do this then you must arrange to pay tuition fees before you attend Registration.

Once you have completed your online Financial Declaration (see above) you can arrange payment according to the Payment Plans set out below.

Invoices: please be aware that, unlike some other universities, we do not defer the collection of tuition fees until later in the year and we do not issue invoices to self-financed students.

Payment plans: self-funded students

Payment Plan 1: Payment in full

The following are acceptable payment methods to pay in full:

  1. Make a payment by card, eg Mastercard, Visa, American Express, CUP - China Union Pay

Students from India:

Student from China:

Payment Plan 2: Payment in two instalments

If your share of the tuition fee is £1000 or more and you are in attendance for the full academic year, you can pay your tuition fee in two instalments. Example: you will pay 50% on 1 October and 50% on 1 February.

The following are acceptable payment methods to pay in two instalments:

  1. Direct Debit. This must be a UK current bank account. To allow your bank time to set this up, this payment option is only available until two weeks before the first instalment date.
  2. Make a payment by card, eg Mastercard, Visa,  American Express

Additional information


The Research Services pages give details on the various scholarships available.

Research Services

Remote Location students

The following page shows information about the Remote Location scheme and associated fees:

Research away from the University

When are my payments due if my registration start date is not between August - October?

If you are registering at any other time of year (ie not between August - October), your payment dates will be one of the following:

  • Payment in full at registration, or
  • 50% when you register and then the remaining balance four months later

What if I cannot pay or provide a sponsor letter in advance or at registration?

You should plan to pay your fee for your first year of study on the day that you register, if you have not already paid in advance.

If you have a good reason for delaying payment (eg you are still awaiting a letter from your sponsor), temporary registration will be given for up to three weeks. You must provide the missing documentation and/or payment within this three-week period. If you are unable to do this you must contact Student Administration Service to inform them of the delay and to seek further advice.

If you fail to keep Student Administration Service informed of the position, your temporary registration will lapse and you may lose permission to use the University facilities and attend lectures.

Do not assume that a sponsor will contact the University on your behalf – it is your responsibility to provide complete financial information and payment.

Will the University send a receipt for any payment made in advance?

Due to the high volume of payments received at this time of year, the University does not generally issue receipts; however, if you pay your fees online, in advance of your arrival, the card/account holder will receive an email confirming payment.

What happens if I default on my payment?

If a payment does not reach the University as required and you have not made contact in advance:

  • Your registration will be subject to immediate review and could be cancelled.
  • Your computer facilities could be cancelled.
  • Your registration may only be renewed once you have paid all of your fee or have made a satisfactory arrangement to pay your fee.

Please be advised that the University reserves the right to insist that payment is made in full at the start of each year of study. It is therefore in your interests to honour all payments if you wish to continue to pay in instalments in future years.

What if I decide to leave my course or take a break from studying?

If you're taking a leave of absence, withdrawing or transferring from the University, you will need to know how this affects your tuition fees. The following page has information about your eligibility for a refund, and how we calculate and apply it:

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