Sponsored students

If you are expecting an external organisation (eg an embassy, your employer, a government organisation) to pay some or all of your tuition fee and you need the University to send them an invoice, you must send an official letter from your sponsor to the University.


What needs to be on your sponsor letter

Your sponsor letter should come on company letter-headed paper and confirm the following;

  • your name and Applicant Number/Registration Number
  • your course of study
  • the amount which the sponsor is agreeing to pay on your behalf
  • any reference/award number which they need to be included in the invoice
  • invoicing address
  • the duration of the sponsorship ( eg for one year only or the dates of the entire course of study)
  • a contact name and email address of the sponsor

If you are a new student, you will be sent a link advising you to upload a copy of your sponsor letter as part of your pre-registration set of actions. Alternatively, you can attach a copy of the original letter and send it to us via the student fees enquiry form.

If you are a continuing student and you need to provide a sponsor letter for each period of study, you can attach a copy of the original letter and send it to us via the student fees enquiry form.

Your sponsor may require a document that confirms the amount of tuition fee due for the relevant academic year before a sponsor letter can be produced for you. If you are an applicant, your offer letter will confirm your fee. If your offer letter does not show your fee, you can request a Certificate of Applicant Status from SSiD.

If you are a continuing student, you can request a Certificate of Student Status (student login required). Please ensure that you take the necessary steps to enable you to provide your sponsor letter at the beginning of each academic session.

The University is able to consider and approve sponsor letters from most employers, organisations and embassies. However, if your sponsor is new to the University and your tuition fee is £10000 or more, the University will do a credit reference check on the organisation before your sponsor letter is approved and an invoice is sent to them.

Payment and Invoices

Invoices will be sent to your sponsor once you have provided a valid sponsor letter and you have registered with the University. If your sponsor requires an invoice at an earlier stage then please contact the Student Fees and Funding Team (studentadmin@shef.ac.uk)

We expect payment from your sponsor in full. Paying in instalments is not an available option.

We may share information with your sponsor about your progress at any time during your studies at the University.

Students are responsible for the payment of their tuition fees. In the case of a sponsor’s failure to pay a student’s tuition fee, or agreed part thereof, the student will be liable for any unpaid fees.

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