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    Research sheds new light on impact of diabetes on the brain

    Researchers from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have discovered diabetic nerve damage causes more harm in the brain than previously thought, shedding new light on the disease.

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  2. Swarming robots

    Sheffield team show simplicity is key to co-operative robots

    A way of making hundreds - or even thousands - of tiny robots cluster to carry out tasks without using any memory or processing power has been developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield.

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  3. Comment: Noah film is more accurate than most children’s Bible stories

    Dr Katie Edwards, Lecturer in the Bible in Contemporary Culture and Society at the University of Sheffield comments on the accuracy of new Biblical epic Noah.

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  4. An endangered bird identified in the research

    World-leading scientists develop new approach to bird conservation

    A new approach to species conservation which could change how we protect the world’s most endangered birds has been developed by a team of the world’s leading scientists, including the University of Sheffield.

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    Ground breaking #weareinternational campaign attracts 100th supporter

    A ground breaking campaign led by the University of Sheffield to highlight the crucial value of international students to the UK has now been backed by 100 universities, education institutions and international organisations.

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  6. Professor Mike Hounslow, Pro Vice Chancellor of Engineering, Pam Liversidge and Professor Elena Rodr

    London Eye designer shares secrets at opening of world-class University facility

    University of Sheffield engineering graduate Dr John Roberts – the designer of the London Eye, one of the most iconic visitor attractions in the world, as well as white knuckle roller coaster rides such as the Pepsi Max Big One – will be sharing his design secrets when he speaks at the official opening of the University's new Pam Liversidge Building on Monday (14 April 2014).

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  7. Icebergs

    New research puts conventional theories about Titanic disaster on ice

    Academics at the University of Sheffield have dispelled a long-held theory that the Titanic was unlucky for sailing in a year with an exceptional number of icebergs and say the risk of icebergs is actually higher now.

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  8. Comment: Dear Maria Miller, it really wasn’t all your fault

    Professor Matthew Flinders from the University of Sheffield, Director of the University of Sheffield's Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics comments on Maria Miller's resignation as Culture Secretary.

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  9. Foodbanks

    Parliamentary inquiry should consider the impact of welfare reform on demand for food banks

    The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) is today (Wednesday 9 April 2014) urging a new Parliamentary inquiry into food poverty to consider the impact welfare reform is having on food banks in the UK.

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  10. Centre for the Freedom of the Media

    University leads call for the protection and safety of journalists across the world

    The Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM) at the University of Sheffield yesterday led a call for the increased safety and protection of journalists across the world.

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  11. Subways are for Sleeping

    Forgotten Broadway musical reconstructed for European premiere

    A forgotten Broadway musical will get its European premiere after a University of Sheffield student worked through boxes of neglected manuscripts to reconstruct the score, which has not been heard anywhere in the world since 1962.

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    World's largest-ever Parkinson's disease study

    This week (Monday 7 April–Sunday 13 April 2014) marks National Parkinson's Awareness Week. Each day, 80 people are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in the UK and one in 20 will be under the age of 40.

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  13. A statue of Valery Lobanovsky. Credit: Ffion Thomas

    World's first database of footballer statues compiled by UK researchers

    A database of statues commemorating football’s heroes around the world has been compiled by researchers from the University of Sheffield.

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  14. Autism

    University research focuses on the early diagnosis of autism

    World Autism Day (today) is an opportunity to highlight the need for vital research into the condition, according to a researcher at the University of Sheffield.

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