20 April 2022

Pint of Science - bringing scientists out of the lab and into your local pub!

Tickets are now on sale for the world’s largest festival of public science talks, Pint of Science, which will see University of Sheffield scientists take to the stage in venues across Sheffield (Monday 9 May - Wednesday 11 May).

An audience watches a presenter on stage at a Pint of Science event.
  • World’s largest festival of public science arrives in Sheffield 
  • More than 30 University of Sheffield scientists will appear in the city's pubs for talks, demonstrations and live experiments 
  • Sheffield joins nearly 500 cities around the world taking part in the tenth year of the global festival
  • Tickets on sale now pintofscience.co.uk

Tickets are now on sale for the world’s largest festival of public science talks, Pint of Science, which will see University of Sheffield scientists take to the stage in venues across Sheffield (Monday 9 May - Wednesday 11 May).

The Pint of Science festival will bring scientists and their research out of the lab and into pubs, cafes and community halls near you, for a unique line up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments held in relaxed and informal environments around Sheffield.

Each night University of Sheffield researchers will be speaking at venues across the city, including The Sheffield Tap, Dina, Tamper Seller’s Wheel and Sidney & Matilda. 

One of this year’s presenters, Professor Ed Daw from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, said: “Pint of Science is an excellent way for Sheffield residents to get involved in the real research being conducted at the University of Sheffield. The festival's success is down to the friendly and informal settings in which our outstanding academic and research speakers can chat about their work and its impact on all of our daily lives with festival-goers.”  

Attendees in Sheffield will enjoy a variety of exciting talks including:

  • Professor Ed Daw discussing his ground-breaking research into dark matter
  • Dr Rhiannon Kennard talking about creating sustainable batteries
  • Dr Michael Smith demonstrating tracking bumblebees
  • Dr Aimee Paskins discussing from science fiction to science fact: how Star Trek changed the world
  • Professor Joanna Gavins talking about how researchers in Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities are coming together to tackle plastic pollution.

Speaking about his talk, Professor Daw added: “Dark matter is one of physics' and astronomy's greatest mysteries. In a nutshell, we don't understand 90 per cent of the matter in our Universe and an experiment run by a UK consortium of eight universities is being built at the University of Sheffield to detect these elusive objects.

“My talk will introduce the people of Sheffield to this apparatus, which involves cooling a metal box to within a hundredth of a degree centigrade above absolute zero, and instrumenting this very cold room, about the size of a catering size food can, with the most sensitive radio receiver electronics in the world!”

Tickets are only £5 and can be purchased now at pintofscience.co.uk, which has further event details.

Alongside the main talks, this year audiences will go head-to-head in the largest ever multi-city pub quiz, in association with interactive quiz company Kwizzbit. Teams in each venue will compete against others across the city and the rest of the UK as they tackle a series of science-themed questions to prove which city has the strongest trivia knowledge.

Pint of Science founders Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Michael Motskin were UK research scientists in 2013 when they decided they wanted to bring back the personal touch to science. From three cities back then to nearly 500 cities this year, the festival continues to showcase the brilliant work happening on our doorsteps. Events provide a platform for researchers to share their stories and give audiences an opportunity to ask their questions about science to those directly behind it.

Dr Praveen Paul, Pint of Science Co-Founder, said: “This is our tenth Pint of Science festival and it’s great to be back with in-person events, collaborating with such dedicated volunteers across the country who have been working hard to bring you a variety of topics.”

“The programme in each city is packed full of events, which will inspire, challenge and encourage us all to be curious. The only difficulty is choosing which of the brilliant events to go to!”

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